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  1. I ll take tilt if he wants stars boodeewee on tilt sqirel7986 on stars
  2. PM Sent, 25 sent on Stars Edit: 2nd entry PMed, money already sent on stars
  3. http://groovesharpener.com/
  4. wow, i didn't notice the limper the first time i looked at the hh. He has 37k and is almost definately calling your shove and if not you are increasing your stack by over 30%. Do you really want to see a flop multi ways with KK? Do you really think that any limper is ever folding to a miraise? And do you think that the limper is ever folding when he hits the flop, given your stack? No, No, No People play bad, you have to expect it, especially in a $3 tourney, you just have to try to not be one of those people and you will start losing to 45 less often.
  5. when u click to download it from the site, click save instead of run, save it to ur desktop, right click on the icon on ur desktop and go to properties - run as administrator then double click the icon on the desktop to install
  6. the big blind makes this a tough spot i think you have to raise to like 75k or less even,and fold to a bb shove 75k accomplishes the same thing against the shortstack(hes almost never just flat calling any reraise 3x or more) and u dont go broke when the bb wakes up w jj+, which is most likely his range for a 4bet shove, of course if the bb is a monkey that donked into all his chips by 4betting crap then you play it the same way and snap call his shove and lose to A10s gg. you should post this hand in poker discussion though it is a tough spot and people may have different opinions, i think if you had like 40+ bb it is definitely a rr/ fold to bb shove i think this is the math for a fold vs the bb's all in, but it could be off 23k 20k 75k 118k 65k (bb call) 183k+ 270k (bb raise) in pot after bb shoves & utg folds 270113 to call 1.68 - 1 on a call 1.8 - 1 vs jj + AQs +
  7. villians range seems 88-22 some random 9's and maybe like AQ,AJ calling u down. Early in the 5r though, maybe some more A high hands might call u too. On the river his calling range has to be the same as his calling range on turn i would think. You probably fold out the A high hands though, but if he went all the way to the river with you i could see getting called by like aq,aj,a10 in this tournament Your range seems like it has to be tt+ and some random 9's that u raised, u have alot of chips so i assume you are playing A9s, 89s, 910s, etc pretty much the same way. You also have a 3 barrel w like Ak or like qj or something u know u cant win at showdown with at least some of the times, but that would be more read dependent i guess With 88,77,66 i think u make a smaller river bet, more of a blocker, or even c/call. since u posted the hand im guessing u had aq,ak and the villian had 22
  8. i think i might just overshove here with aj, depending on the opponent, theres 1850 in the pot so you will increse your stack by like 15% , as played i dont think i am ever raising here with the intention of folding, like sandler said A rag and worse is at least some of his range here, probably raise snap calling here is the best line that way you let those A rag hands and other hands you play good against shove that would otherwise fold to your overshove
  9. i think i fold almost 100% of the time
  10. my range would be the same as yours, i might even just shove my whole range with your stack some of the times while your open certainly looks strong after 3 hands playing with you the op can't just assume you know what you are doing and put you on top 3%, if he could put you on that tight of a range though it makes the numbers alot different, he is only 47.36% against that range,

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