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    Golden Gates Poker Parlour, Blackhawk, CO
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    Poker, Forex and Stock Options trading, horticulture, real estate
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  1. I'm lookin' to play the upcoming Mid-States Poker Tour coming to Blackhawk, CO in early November 2016. Event: MSPT Flight 1A starts Nov. 3rd 2016 $360 Buy-In Selling 50% with 20% markup: 1% of prize will cost the backer $4.32 all 50% will cost $216 to win 50% of prize won
  2. But the dealer has nothing to do with what cards come. They can't deal bad or good based on their like or dislike of you.
  3. OK...So I'm trying to figure out what sites the "Big Boys" or "Pros" play at in the US. Which sites are recommended? also about my HUD... which sites support HM1??? it doesn't seem to be working on BCP/WPN

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