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  1. Big fan, ur an animal at the table :D
  2. nice to see an Ohio Kid do well :-)
  4. Played with you in the AC WSOPC Reg 10K event. Kevin you are a BEAST!!!!!! Keep it up brother...
  5. Sjisjsjsjbsskakskkslakahwbabajapbzjoaksksksjsjsjsosksjsjdnskjsjekskksjsjs sighhhhhh was fun for a while heart breaking finishes though bah next Sunday imo
  6. Nice to see a homie reppin OH. Gl bro. Maybe one day I can crush this game like u
  7. In! Can't wait not many 10k's we ohioans can drive to :)
  8. Add me stamdogg.... :) subject it p5s...... games to fun :),,,,PS3 that is
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA I couldn't help but to laugh out loud at this......:)
  10. GGOOGOGOGOGOGOGOG Puffinmypurppppppp glglglgl tyler!!!

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