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    Originally from Michigan moved to Louisiana in 2013. I started playing online poker tourneys in late 2011. Had success and always looking to learn more about the game.
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    Server at Delta Downs Horse Race Track and Casino
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    Beau Rivage Blioxi MS, Coushatta Casino, Kinder LA. Soaring Eagle Casino, Mt.Pleasant MI
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    Family, Cruising the longboard, working on cars, smoking that chronic.
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    Live $1/3 NL, 2/5 NL
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    No Limit Turbos

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  1. Im in the same boat except its not alcohol its weed. I had to recently stop smoking so I can get a welding job. But like you iv literally been stoned threw every session iv played 10+years even at the casino id go toke up in my truck every few hours. Also like you it calms my nerves in big hands and makes the game more enjoyable during long sessions. Its hard to find something to replace that I think only time will help it out. There are a few safer alternatives than alcohol tho one being Kratom. Its a legal natural herb that works well for people with anxiety. it comes in fine powder or in pill capsules if you check it out i recommend the pills because the powder will make you throw up its like a really fine dirt/sand and taste horrible. My second recommendation is CBD oil. Its a Legal hemp oil that also works well for anxiety and also pain. You can smoke the oil or eat it and comes in hundreds of different flavors. I hope this helps you out and GL at the tables.

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