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    My family comes first. Then I split my time between poker and my music. Playing music and playing poker are both hard ways to make a living but easier when you love what you do.
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    32Red Poker
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    Musician, Producer, Poker Player
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    snowboarding, traveling
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    $1-$2, $2-$5 NL
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    NL Holdem

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  1. Has anyone played poker in Aruba in the last year or so? I played there about 8 years ago- i know it has changed... I've been told 2/5 at the Holiday Inn Excelsior is basically it. Any mtts worth playing? Any p5ers living in Aruba? Thanks!
  2. Thanks bro.....feeling kinda homeless, sitting on the sidelines once again... Good Luck to anyone playing Maximus...
  3. I have(had) a Carbon account but have not logged in since I opened my HERO account. I haven't been playing much lately, feeling that Merge has become totally withered, but thought Maximus might be worth playing, especially with the obv overlays... I contacted Carbon when I was not able to log in today. They told me they "merged" accounts due to inactivity (which is funny cause I still get their promo emails) and my account has been closed. They said oops, sorry and suggested I just open another account right away- which I am not able to do in good 'ol New York... GG Poker Maximus GG Merge
  4. I never accused anyone of anything. I said to my knowledge you could not log into your legit merge accounts (obv on different skins) at the SAME TIME - at least that's how it was when I started on merge. Have you been able to log on to multple skins at the same time? reading comprehension ftw...
  5. No offense, but this thread is pointless. To my knowledge there is no way to log in to multiple skins at the same time... unless they are registered to different people- in which case you are not only chip dumping- u are multi-accounting As someone stated earlier- if you are serious about poker and don't want to have your account(s) closed be careful to follow the TOS
  6. TAXI is without a doubt in my top 5!! Anyone who isn't familiar should check it out. Many huge comedic actors got their start on Taxi and gave some of the best performances of their lives... Also, I think everyone would agree that MASH was one of the greatest television shows of all times- but often very serious and dramatic. Most of the shows discussed here are funnier imo...
  7. thanks Dan... unfortunately I got distracted and only saw your reply just now. gl all
  8. Does anyone know if HWP is Mac compatable? sorry if this has been asked already...
  9. With poker getting such a bad rap lately, I think it is a untimely and maybe unscrupulous for affiliates to have a vested interest in the games they are promoting. Yes, they are probably breaking their TOS (the affiliates, not Swish and the other players), but since it is now common knowledge- this seems like a job for Merge to deal with and sort out... Most if not all of us would take the same deal; in fact if anyone out there wants to give me 60/40 without MU send me a PM quickly! Personally- where I see myself 'losing equity' comes from having to compete vs these solid pros that would otherwise prolly not be playing on Merge.. but tbh, haven't we all noticed the influx of strong online pros who weren't playing on Merge a few months ago? Whether it's because they have returned home to the US after playing abroad or are attracted to what they deem softer fields, they are on Merge now. Hey maybe as Swish stated; Merge may be the new number two site. The bottom line is the prize pools have grown, the game selection and sched have improved and Merge has become a better network to play on. Seems like there is enough to go around... On another note, up and coming players should welcome the chance to compete amongst the best. That is how you get better, not by only playing with the fish...I haven't even figured out if I can log onto stars to even watch the guys I used to sweat b4 BF... GL all in the Poker Maximus
  10. Playing on the Merge network and I recommend the HERO poker skin. They are not the biggest but their customer service is the best by far...
  11. From NYC it couldnt be much easier or cheaper than Puerto Rico. Plenty of flights and no customs or immigration. You walk out of the airport and jump in a taxi or easily rent a car.You could go door to door in 4-5 hrs...

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