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  1. Not sure how this would be a 'huge level'. I made a play that I wasn't sure if it was good so I asked a few ppl on my aim list and got mixed responses so I decided to post it on p5s and 2p2 to get the opinions of other players I respect but dont talk to regularly on aim like gags/marroca/pikappraider etc and I couldnt care less about the inevitable trolls flaming me so why not post?...I can always easily dismiss dumb responses about the hand like yours. Also, personally I dont like to keep poker simple because I enjoy poker less and dont win as much when im an autopiloting drone waiting to cooler ppl just cos its a soft tourney. Would you prefer me to post simple hands I already know the answer to? ty for the serious responses my thought process: pre: weeeeee its folded to me on the button and im 1 tabling and im deepstacked with fish and theres antes = funfunfun flop: std cbet turn: decided his range was weak enough to barrel given he didnt c/r flop on a board that is scary for all but the nuttiest hands...sets and small flushes are seen as very vulnerable hands on this board by most players and in my experience, weak players have a tendency to 'protect their hand' in these situations most of the time because they dont want the 4th flush card to come. Plus I have a lot of outs vs (or am ahead of) the majority of his range when he calls turn. after he c/r, I decided that his small sizing was not very consistant with strong hands since we are rly deepstacked and he would want to get more money in by this point and just seemed like he was tooling around to me and im getting 3:1 to float vs a range that I think includes a nonzero amount of bluffs and doesnt contain any value hands that arent really really hard to get. riv: obv im floating turn to bet when he checks. I chose a larger than normal bet because I thought KdX was a decent part of his range and I thought he would be less likely to look me up than if I bet smaller. Anyways results were that he folded but i'm glad i posted and confirmed my suspicions that it was too sloppy without more history with the guy. My mistakes as pointed out by ape/others was forgetting the fact that river is a reverse implied odds street for meaning he has to be bluffing a decent amount more than the 25% we need with just straight pot odds and although I am confident he is bluffing a decent amount of the time I cant assume he is bluffing as high as like 50% or w/e it needs to be and there are too many players in this tournament that are just clicking buttons.

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