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  1. stevie444

    Sup 2011

    Being that this is my first ever blog post I should probably introduce myself...however, being that im really lazy im not gunna...if anyone has any specific questions about me or about this blog post, just leave a comment...feel free to say anything you want...i'm not going to delete/censor the comments at all and am always open to constructive criticism so just speak your mind and I'll try to evolve my blog into whatever you guys would like it to be. As you may have guessed from the title, this post is going to be about goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. 2010 was overall a great year for me...despite it being the first calender year in which I actually ended with less money than I started. This was due to a number of factors...primarily focusing more on live poker and bricking lots of big tournaments...I came close to a big score a number of times, cashing 4 wsop/wsope events (top 100 in 3 consectutive $1.5k's at the WSOP, top 25 in the $10k nlsd and also top 25 in a £1k WSOPE event). My 30 event long WSOP was saved from disaster by a 5% swap with Dan "djk" Kelly in the $25k 6max event...obv he bulldozed the field and won the whole thing for a cool 1.4m - srsly how good is that kid? It was so much fun railing him to the victory and see him literally sitting on a chair with extra cushions so he was high enough to see over all his chips and just 3/4/5betting everyone left and right. His fearless style of play is a true nightmare to play against and it was no surprise that he came away with the victory after starting the final table with around half the chips in play! Away from the world series events however, I didn't have much success with EPTs/WPTs or other random events so I booked a pretty severely losing year in live-aments. Regardless I feel like I learned a lot from playing a ton of live in 2010 and I feel more confident than ever that in 2011 I will have a big win and maybe get a sponsorship deal from one of the top sites. POKER GOALS: 1- Win at least one live tournament and final table at least 10 2- Win either an FTOPS jersey or a SCOOP/WCOOP watch/bracelet and ft at least 5 3- Become proficient in all forms of poker which are now featured in FTPs 10-game rotation and become a winning regular in their 150/300 games Goals 1 and 2 are both results based which will mean volume will play a large part in my success. I have only won 1 live tournament to date in the 3 years since I turned 18 but I feel that now I'm 21 and have a lot more live experience under my belt and now have eligibility to play any live tournament in the world I am confident I can achieve goal 1 as long as I commit to playing a decent number of the smaller/softer side events wherever I am...something I did not do during 2010. As for goal 2...I have come very close to winning tournaments that are part of big series before (2nd in FTOPS 300r, 6th in FTOPS 1k 6max and recently 3rd in WCOOP 200fo 6max) /brag. I am really hungry for a win in one of these big series and its just a matter of time in my mind until I get to the finish line without falling at the last hurdle. I have chosen 5 ft's instead of the 10 live ft's simply due to the fact that there are soooo many more people in the big online tournaments than there are live so it would be unrealistic to expect myself to ft that many. Goal 3 is something I have been working on for a while since hanging out with mixed game specialist and recent bracelet winner David "Bakes" Baker. His determination and hunger to constantly improve himself as a poker player is something that has rubbed off on me. For as long as I have played poker, unlimited texas hold thems has always been my forte. I have managed to climb my way up the ladder to the point where I am playing the biggest sngs that run regularly (step 6s) and also the biggest mtts both live and online (except for some of the biggest highrollers which I dont feel like donating all the pro nosebleeders in). Anyway the point is I would like to become a more complete poker player and have been playing a lot of 10 game and studying it whenever possible and I plan to continue this learning in 2011 to become a more complete poker player with a more diverse range of skills. I havent set a monetary goal for this one because it would probably result in me trying to move up too quickly to try and reach the goal but I would like to get to the point where I feel comfortable sitting in any good 150/300 game. I will be charting my progress with all of these poker goals so you can follow along and see how close I get to achieving them. Goals 1 and 2 will be easy to tally up but for goal 3 I guess ill just talk about how my sessions go and what I learn as I go along. LIFE GOALS Ok now the boring poker talk is out of the way I can talk about some fun stuff. 2010 was probably my funnest year yet. I checked off a lot of to-dos on my life list including jumping out of a plane at 10000 feet, dune buggying (or more scarily, being the passenger of a dune buggy being driven by Jim "MrBigQueso" Collopy...still not sure how I survived that one), laying on ipanema beach in Brazil staring in awe at all the perfect 10s all around me, sampling the finest botany amsterdam has to offer, eating at a michelin 3 star restaruant, learning how to ski competently for the first time ever and actually approaching a girl in a bar that I found attractive.....ok u got me, I lied about that last one...I mean im an adrenaline junkie but im not suicidal. Seriously though I'm not sure why im such a scaredy cat when it comes to talking to members of the opposite sex but thats going to be my first life goal for 2011. 4- Talk to/dance with the most attractive girl in the bar/club every time I go out. If you are ever out with me you will probably have to remind me to do this one since its not something that comes naturally to me. I am vowing though, to become a more confident person in every aspect of my life in 2011 and promise to force myself to attempt this goal any time I remember it...goodbye socially awkward and shy stevie and hello slightly less awkward but outwardly much more confident stevie =). Not really sure how to report on the success of this one...I guess I'll just tell you guys all my failure stories so at least you can get a good laugh from them...I'm sure I will accumulate some good ones. 5- Get a belt in jiu jitsu that isnt devoid of colour. I have been a fan of mixed martial arts ever since meeting my then stalkee and now very good friend and all around exceptional guy Jonathan "Apestyles" Van mf Flizeet (whose fantastic book series "Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand At A Time" is a must read for anyone who even thinks about improving their tournament poker game). I have always loved watching great jiu jitsu practitioners battling it out on the ground...and I don't mean ground and pound where the guy on top is just hammerfisting the face of the guy on the bottom Brock Lesnar stylie...that actually happens to be my least favorite part of mma fights. What I love is the technicality of 2 guys shifting their weight and body position around to get more leverage and constantly trying to sweep or catch their opponent off guard with a choke or submission of some kind. In January of 2010 I was lucky enough to go to Brasil and stay with my great friend and poker superduperstar Maria "Maridu [Team Pro]" Mayrinck. She hooked me up with one of the best jiu jitsu academies around...Leao Teixeira's "Escola De Jiu Jitsu". It was the most exhilarating and exhausting cardiovascular exercise I have ever done and along with it being a great form of self defense it left me gasping for air for a good 30 minutes after each session. For my 21st birthday this year, ape bought me, amongst other things, a 1 on 1 jiu jitsu lesson at Wanderlei Silvas gym in vegas which is right next to panorama towers where we were staying. Despite the fact I could walk there in about 45 seconds I was so lazy that I didnt end up booking the lesson and still to this date havent done any jiu jitsu since January. It saddens me that this is the case because I really did enjoy it more than any other exercise ive ever done so goal number 5 is to try to do jiu jitsu more regularly and hopefully get a blue belt before the end of the year. 6- Call my family a MINIMUM of once a week regardless of where I am in the world. Not much to say about this one. When I'm traveling its easy to get so immersed in my surroundings that I forget to check in with the fam regularly. I feel pretty guilty about how infrequently I did this in 2010 so for 2011 I'm going to make a weekly reminder in my calender to make like E.T. and phoneeee homeeee. 7- Update this blog a minimum of once per fortnight. I would like for this blog to serve as a way to keep me on track and keep me focused on my goals so I am going to try to keep it as updated as possible. If you notice that I have gone more than 2 weeks without updating you have my permission to slap me in the face/call me whatever name you want on the rail of one of my tables online and I wont retaliate. OK I cant think of any more specific goals right now so I'm gunna end this blog here although I may add more goals at a later date. If theres anything specific you guys would like me to talk about just let me know in a comment and I'll do my best to accommodate as many requests as I can. Before I end this post looking back at 2010 I would just like to thank everyone who helped me survive the really tough parts of the year and also those who made the fun bits even more fun. Im very lucky to have such an amazing circle of family and friends that love me...sometimes I forget that or take it for granted but I really do appreciate anyone who extends a helping hand in my direction...whether I take advantage of it or not. Thanks everyone and glglglgl both on and off the tables. Bye 2010, it was nice knowing you xoxo

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