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  1. Doug Lee Venetian Deep Stack 2009 he obv stacked me. Seemed like a gentlemen though.
  2. Interested in what % tax this company pays to the US... My guess would be 0-20%
  3. Surprising there isn't more competition for this sort of thing then. Who wants to start up an auction site with me? We will only charge a quarter a bid!
  4. I figured as much... This site is only responsible for 10 billion of our countries national debt :D
  5. ^^^ Head just exploded... One other detail is your bids go toward a purchase of said item if you wish. I am going to go ahead and say that 80%+ don't follow through and purchase the item. Even still the company would make at least 20-25% mark up on that transaction anyway.
  6. I'm not going to find out but my wife's co worker grinds these and I don't think he is ambitious enough to find a third party funding method. He also says they last around 4 hours..
  7. They always give you a deal on the first item... Gotta lure in the fishes. Got em!
  8. Even worse... They have been around a while and the DOJ hasn't shut them down? I'll give the govt the benefit of the doubt that they just haven't been able to figure out the difference between this site and an actual auction. :D
  9. May as well. After all, you probably represent their target market.
  10. Valid point.. A good portion goes over to the Chinese manufacturers. I am sure many jobs are available there.
  11. Poker is a skill game and this is pure dumb luck also..........
  12. Yes we do but poker is illegal and this is allowed, hence the double standard. Legalize all of it or none of it! Poker also provides jobs and income for many more than one smart CEO.
  13. It is essentially the lottery but the proceeds go to a CEO not the government.
  14. Those are social issues not economic Hateflops. This site is a leach on the US economy and praying on the poor and dumb.

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