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  1. Fantastic Phil well done, and yes I will see you there. Don't know were your flying from but i got some nice direct flights from Glasgow under £700.
  2. Thanks for the nice comments, can't wait for Vegas, will probably bust out first hand lol. Just to continue a little if i may, had a downswing after winning the vegas package couldn't do anything right, But its all gone Won Two Tournys this week and 2nd in Two more, must have won close to 1500 this week alone, oh and its real £ not that thing you americans call, .........Dollars. lol. It may not seem a lot to some of you, but for a novice I'm living the dream. Gotta go back in to Hospital on the 17th for another Angiogram, so hopefully will get the all clear.
  3. Not been on here for a while, not been too good, been in hospital, suffered a brain heamorrhage on 7th march, lucky i'm still here. After suffering no major setbacks, i'm out and doing good, although since this little setback my Poker seems to have gone from strength to strength. out of 6 MTT'S I've entered I've won three, final tabled two and cashed in the other. The best bit, i entered a freeroll top 300 got paid, top six won decent cash with seats to vegas sat's, i missed out on the sat semi for a 13k package, but did win a 4k semi package seat. Won the semi, then won the Final. This is it on my way to VEGAS BABY , entered in the little one drop, staying at the Plazzo, all expenses paid courtesy of SKY POKER Booked my flights today 10th July to 17th July, if your there look me up and say hi!!
  4. Would be nice, but the way im playing at the moment is build a massive stack then loosing it all on all in's, doesn't even matter if i'm in with the best hand or even 80% fav still loose.LOL. Last two nights on Sky UKOPS leading massive from the start but just got sucked out on. But its all fun, maybe the poker gods will be kind tonight.
  5. I have been playing online for quite a few years and like you was terrified of playing live, although i desperately wanted too. So a guy from work persuaded me and we hit the G casino in Blackpool on a sunday night for the £45 + £5 Mystique. It was scary at first, but that passed and i ended Cashing in 6th for £150. The next week i busted the same tourney just before the break, so entered a £20 +£5 £500 gtd at 9pm and only won it for £280. Playing live is awesome i don't play that much on line now. Oh yes was playing cash at the G casino in bolton last sunday and the NW Bad Beat Jackpot of £32,000 was won so as i was playing cash at the time i get a share.
  6. Looking forward to it. Decent structure as well. Can i win it for the second time !!
  7. well thanks for the advice much apprecated. i am now out of the tournament in 23rd a bit gutted, was up and down all day but getting AA on the SB first hand after the break put me up to over 200k as the cut off open shoved 25k the button called i went over the top he was close to calling with his 77 but i'm glad he didn't coz a 7 hit the river. My exit hand Qd Qs on the BB i have 85k blinds are 4k/8k 800ante. Big stack (400k)min Raises the button, i probably played it wrong but based on the villains calling range (he wont fold any A to a shove) I decided to flat the raise and any overs to my pair i could get away from it bearing in mind the money was so close. Flop Js 8s 9s i checked the flop waiting for his bet then reraised allin, he snap called As Jh turn was a 2s, praying for the 10s on the river lol. Even though i didn't cash i thought i played very solid poker, made a few mistakes but that comes wth experience i guess, so i'm off to the G in Blackpool for the £25 Freezeout, i like this one, out of the seven times i've played it won it three times, second once and bubbled last week, easy £250 lol
  8. Hi Guys, Not been playing online so much as i seem to have the bug for Live Poker, However I am as we speak about to set off for the final day of the Grosvenor 25/25 series (Bolton) this is by far the biggest Mtt i have entered (£220) With a top prize of £12,900 top 20 get paid. There are 64 left for the final day i am in 15th position with 108,900 stack, effectivly 50bb. There are quite a lot of 30/40 k stacks. This stage is probably my leak, i dont think i need to panic just yet as the levels are 40 mins but any advice would be great. I have played very tight/aggro all the way through so should i start widening my range.
  9. Played the above Live tournament again last night, 3 hrs in just after the first break i busted out, i even made the best lay down i've ever done 3 hands earlier with my pckt AA my read was awesome. Anyway entered another smaller buy in turbo freezout and took it down for my first ever Live Poker WIN !!. ok its not the stake's you guys buy in for, but everyone starts somewhere. Quite pleased with myself, 3 tournys 1 x min cash and 1 x win = £255.00 clear profit.
  10. Played my first ever live tournament last Sunday at the Grosvner Casino in Blackpool (uk) and loved every minuite of it. Made the Final Table and ended up finishing 6th for a min cash. So any one else who was like me (online poker only) take the plunge its great fun, i intend to play a lot more live now.
  11. Not allowed to play the Winamax one, but will be in the 888 one.
  12. I am gonna sound really dumb now, is it Eastern time or Eastern European Time, or what time will it start WET.
  13. I'm in, although a better structure would have been nice, well at least more starting chips.
  14. I seem to having problems with Winamax, whenever there is an update. I keep getting an error message "The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author." I have tried uninstalls and re installs of Winamax and adobe Air with no luck. has anyone else encountered this problem, it can't be Adobe Air as it runs fine with other site's like Sky Poker. Does anyone have a solution please.

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