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    See... ...man ain't like a dog. And when I say "man," I'm talking about man as in mankind, not man as in men. Because men, well, we a lot like a dog. You know, we like to piss on things. Sniff a bitch when we can. Even get a little pink hard-on the w
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    32Red Poker
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    Marine Corps; thinking about -AG- during all waking hours and what her poon smells like
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    Phoenix, AZ
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    Sports handicapping, Football fanatic, Drawing big cocks and licking the paper
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    NL/PL HE SNGs, $20 to $50

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  1. Sept Ivey: +303 Trues: +278 Aupoker: +150 Eagles: +114 Vern: +104 Poach: +50
  2. That was an awkward minute for Everyone.. announcers, viewers , the team lol not sure the last time I saw shit like that at this level. Embarrassing
  3. Im backseat qb’ing here, but it amazes me that the game has evolved in almost every way except the end of game management by defenses. You see it time and time again by different teams. it’s like they don’t know that teams start at the 25 and not the 20.. and kickers can kick legit make-able attempts from the opponents 40 and sometimes further.. in a passing oriented league nowadays, 35 yards aint shit to get. id also like to see all PIs go to 15 yard penalties. I don’t like judgment call 30 plus yard infractions
  4. Sept Ivey: +253 Trues: +178 Aupoker: +150 Eagles: +114 Vern: +54 Poach: +50
  5. Sunday Night Football No D/ST td, -250 for 50 quote is a bet
  6. Sept Ivey: +163 Aupoker: +150 Eagles: +114 Trues: +114 Poach: +50 Vern: -246 *counted USA to ship, because it’s basically over. I’ll obviously switch it if a miracle comes
  7. Baylor -188 quote is a bet, 200 max until start of 2h
  8. I’ll take USA to ship for 50 max. Tie no bet tho. I’ll take a line from you smart people

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