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  1. I'd take her and The Huckster down. Deeeep strokes
  2. This is Lil Baby's world rn. The 🐐
  3. This Biden administration sucks at being President for sure. If this is the way its going to be pubs are going to have it easy in the coming elections
  4. This shit with the press has to come to an end. Wtf???
  5. Who gives a fuck?
  6. I just read that 9 out of 4 Biden voters regret their decision. I find that interesting
  7. Biden SOTU gets 75% less viewers than TRUMP? But Biden is supposed to be the most popular candidate in US history? Mmk
  8. Imagine typing this out then thinking "good shit"
  9. When asked what he's taken from Malcolm X bio "Malcolm X was a very smart man. He's a very very very smart man"

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