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  1. Take me out for a candle light dinner with those profits 1x?
  2. Ive known telks for awhile, hes always been a rly nice kid and is def someone to lookup to, hes always had really good work ethic and has gotten absurdly better since I first met him. Congrats bro, well deserved.
  3. has a few chips with 8 left, 1st is 230k, hof
  4. yik going for the whole series, see u guys there
  6. Hello Joseph, A worrying situation that occurred today was brought to my attention as the on duty supervisor for PokerStars Support. Based on the information I received I wanted to contact you and confirm that you were safe and that you were not in any danger as a result of either your own actions or from those around you. At approximately 01:57 on 2011-01-03, you were recorded typing the following comments in the chat box on one of our tables: "can someone just kill me". While we understand that poker can be cause for frustration, please consider that we take any such comments extremely seriously and always consider the welfare of our players above all else. With this in mind, please understand that we have temporarily removed your play and chat privileges from your account and ask that you reply to this email and confirm that you are safe and the comments you made were not cause for any concern. In accordance with this, I must also take this opportunity to kindly ask that moving forward you refrain from making these kinds of comments in chat at PokerStars as we do monitor this closely and won't hesitate to take any action we feel necessary to ensure and help protect the well being and safety of our playing community. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Regards, Tanner Shift Leader PokerStars Support Team

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