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    I am Ryan AKA Tapouttazz and i have the nutz!
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    Bail Bondsman / Head Teacher
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    wsop and 888
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    hockey poker MMA
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    The one that i always win!
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    party poker 500$ gnt


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  1. Still open ? Can I buy some action
  2. Ok so where I am at ..... i had wipe old hard drive and reinstall all my programs including pt4. I imported all my hands it's about 76k worth in 3 batches took about 6 hours total. Speeds got up to as low as 2 h/s pretty bad. Second my hud worked with my database empty but now that I have all the hands in it does not show up on table. I go to turn off get hands while playing and it's kind of frozen like it won't stop. So I control alt delete to get poker tracker to turn off. As for the settings I'm very confident everything is what it needs to be. I need help fixing pt4 so it will be normal again and the hud will show back up
  3. Denis 10% batman 15% centerfielder 10%
  4. 15% Batman 10% denis 10% left who wants it ?
  5. I am only playing one event with an addon so in the case i bust before addon in that event i will give bakcers that money back with there share of what they win
  6. 15% to the bird !!!!! 20% left ... (hot cakes) who wants in ?
  7. my name is Ryan everyone calls me Tazz some of you may have heard about me if not you better ask somebody ! Im a small stakes cash and MTT grinder in nj who plays poker all the time i love the game and i love winning money! i will be playing 5 events njscoop Tazz package sat the 6th 3.5k njscoop 10$ buyin plus 10$ rebuy thu the 11th 10k njscoop 10$ buyin 10$ rebuy 10$ addon fri the 12th 3.5k njscoop 25$ buyin plus 25$ rebuy thu the 18th 5k njscoop 15$ buyin plus 15$ rebuy sunday the 21 30k njscoop 50$ buyin 50$ rebuy im selling 35% of my action 80.50$ total 11.50$ :5% share 23$ :10% share pm me for paypal info reply here if you want to buy
  8. well back on track this week still have not put put in major volume but im up like 4.5 buyins in the last 3 days
  9. have not played much despite the challenge being in the back of my mind... up maybe 13 bucks this month with 2 sessions played. im going to try and grind out the rest of the month and put in a respectable amount of volume
  10. sry i have not updated in a bit guys been a little down about my down swing and took off a week to kind of get back in a good mind set. i plan on putting in 5k hands by the end of sept and hopefully i can start to turn things around
  11. after reviewing my last 1000 hands involved in my downswing here is what i know i have lost 30-$ to hands i feel i played fine i have lost 48-$ to hands i feel i played bad i have lost 16-$ to hands i dont no if it was good or bad
  12. the second i started this i been running horrible i guess i just fucked myself by doing this i was playing way better before i started the challenge feel like every thing i do i get screwed fucken 9 buyin downswing
  13. on a 4 buyin downswing feeling really tilted and frustrated
  14. going to be streaming today 5:15pm est time for anyone that wants to watch and chat here is the lihttps://www.twitch.tv/tapouttazz9nk

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