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  1. If anyone is interested in doing a 2 man team plb bet from beginning of ftops thru the end hit me up. Everything counts but prolly limit the number of scores per person to like 20. Be mostly for banter but can discuss an amount to bet as well. If u know me hit me up on Skype or fb
  2. Someone do a bigger one incl all tourneys and I will do it with nigdawg
  3. eisai poly kolofardos ree bravo s ;)!!!

  4. eisai poly kolofardos ree!!!

  5. In a couple hours Chris Moorman will be losing a lost longer bet in the EPT Berlin High Roller against myself and Jake Cody and will be forced to bleach his hair blonde and wear a white suit,shirt,tie for the entire EPT GF main. should be absolutely incred (if somehow he luck sacks it and isn't first out then whoever is first out will be doing it)
  6. What is wrong with having some normal tournaments full tilt? Some of ur gimmicks are cool but this seems like a tragedy....feel free to add a 1k turbo idgaf but why mess with the best tournament on your site so that it is never just a 1k. Wish you would just rewind the clocks and just have normal poker tournaments on ur site again....guess thats too much to ask. Some ppl love turbos thats great but not all of us run like bparis and lab rats love child.
  7. truely so excited for daize....cant wait to see him breathe on this final table....gl ydb

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