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  1. My thoughts: 1. You should be beating 2/5 for 40/hour+ before you consider quitting your job. Grinding 1/2 live for a living would be an existence I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. There is nothing wrong with playing 1/2 at all, you just don't want to do it for a living. 2. The small edge that you may be able to obtain if you counted at blackjack ("knowing the book" doesn't give you an edge) wouldn't be worth the variance + threat of getting banned from casinos. If you want to play poker full time, it is time to quit blackjack 100%. More importantly, you want to concentrate all of your mental energy on improving your hourly rate and moving up stakes. Blackjack is a distraction (and typically a costly one). Stay out of the pit entirely. No shots whatsoever. 3. Betting sports is also a distraction. If you are in the very small percentage of people who may be able to obtain an edge given the right data and experience, you wouldn't be playing 1/2nl (genuinely no offense meant by that - it is just reality). You should also dedicate a large portion of your time towards studying and improving. If your plan is to dive in and play 80 hours of 1/2 a week with no path to improvement, I think you are taking the wrong approach. I know that studying doesn't pay the bills in the short term, but you want to think long term as a player. Finally, you need to spend time considering your sleeping, eating, meditating, and workout habits. All of those aspects of your life become much more important as you play longer hours. Mental health is a huge part of playing your A game. Regardless of what you choose, good luck to you. I respect people that are willing to chase a passion, but make sure you take a measured approach and don't just dive into the deep end.

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