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  1. would be great of p5 would do this. It could just be 1 buten in the menu "poker series" and it has all the poker sites and you just update them as soon as the schedule is released, think it wouldn't be allot of work. And since you are promoting the sites maybe you can get some advertising revenu from that. either way I love p5 xoxo
  2. hey does anyone know a website where I can find a good overview of all the different series(wcoop, pokerfest, ipops ect) from all poker sites and the dates they start. much thanks in advance, xoxo
  3. lets do a mid stake team comp :) ow and grats dans
  4. im in,.. we should host a team comp again, haven't done that in a long time
  5. yes, kinda done with party... the software bugs are also insane. Just not loading your table and then it just pops up whne u have 2bb left. Now asking 3% fee, absurd.
  6. hi dan my 2nd place on titan poker 55$ 10k gtd is on my scoring page but not on the comp page
  7. Im abit confused, i know wcoops have 2nd chances but do scoops too? If so for all levels? Thanks in advance and sorry if allready asked, but on my phone and couldnt find an awnser on google
  8. ya i mean im pretty oi,.. but def enterd the comp assumming 50 euros counted then asked just to be sure and was basicly confirmed but technaicly on first page it sais $. I wouldnt have enterd if 50 euros and 10r euros wouldnt count bc I grind fr allot and only play a few .com tournies anyways gl all

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