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  1. Sunday * Red Tournaments* b33 b44 h33

    Hi I am new to forum selling staking , i used to sell stake to friends and poker mates but not on forum. So this would be my first pack Here some about me I would like to build a good reputation and to be able to sell every week some of my package i like to play I started playing by myself and i was kind of losing player until i get a good mate of me coaching me and helping me improve my games alotts I play realy good for micro and low stakes where i realy do well , but there some good mtt where i can find good value and would like to play them but roll not big enough. I had a horrible december month pretty much the only bad month i had last year. In 2015 i wasnt sure if i start playing micro to build my roll or taking staking deal with BBZ which i was accepted to be staked up to 55s but i decide to play micro instead and in less than 3 week i moved a 180$ roll into around 7000$ ( exept my 1.2k down on ftp last 3 day which i took at shot at some of the 55s and 109) playing micro-low and 26$ ftp. Had to cashout big part of it for life expense. I would like to sell 50% of this tournament no mark up exept for final which i keep 10% for myself and divided the 90% left with your % ( i win 10k i will keep 1k and 9000 will be divided by your % if u got 50% mean 4.5k) + I ofter to refund your part if i make a day being up over 1000 and i didnt cash in the tournament we got togheter ( mean if u invest 25$ and i win 1k in others mtt i send u back your investement) Big 33 Big 44 Hot 33 55$ = 50% 27.50$ = 25% 5.5$ = 10% Thchunter on fulltilt ( triceratop) thchunter pokerstars ( no picture) Need to sell at least 50% to play it, All money will be send within 1 hour after all mtts are done unless I got a transfer limit If you want to search me on sharkscope THCHunter on fulltilt and pokerstars will be hide during the day while playing.

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