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    my kung fu is strong
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    liquid gardens, past the outskirts of infinity
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  1. I'll allow it..but only if they wear a mask while accepting candy from strangers
  2. Pretty loose here with the use of the word “many” They let a few gaijin through to teach some English but they’re not rocking with foreigners like that.
  3. tech9 is top 5 all time flow..I don't even like dudes music but his skills are top shelf
  4. I'll get around to it soon
  5. yup, the most NY sounding MCs like you said are Raekwon and Prodigy, I would add Styles P, Nas and GZA to that what you're referring to is their willingness to abandon a couplet halfway through and finish with an end rhyme that's unrelated to the next bar..it sounds like almost like an accident if you aren't used to it Philly also has a very distinct sound that you can tell is a cousin of the NYC sound..Blackthought, Beanie Sigel and Cassidy come to mind
  6. and that list is trash af ...I think I smell the scent of a placenta/ I enter central park its dark its winter in december/ I see my target put my car in park and approach a tender/ young girl by the name of benda and I pretend to befriend her/ sit down beside her like a spider hi there girl you mighta/ heard of me before see whore you're the kinda girl that I'd a--/ ssault and rape and figure how to make your pussy wider/ fuck you with an umbrella and open it up while the shits inside ya/ Imma kinda guy that's wild but I might flip and get a little bit wilder/ Impregnate a lesbian yea now lets see her have triplets and I'll de/ sintegrate them babies as soon as they're out her with fermalda/ hyde and cyanide girl you can try and hide etc etc etc destruction etc vile and perverse but fucking BARS
  7. DAWG. you're about to unleash my rap nerd. I've wanted to make a thread about this, the technical aspects of the craft because mfs really snooze on the use of poetic device/rhyme schemes and how to objectively assess the quality of a verse. "my [murderous rap] [verbal attack]/ is {actual fact}, {tactical tracks}/ ]matched perfectly[ with {graphical stats}/ {half of you lack}, the {magical dap}/ of {tragical rap} that {tackles you back} shackles and {laughs at you that's}--/ out in the streets..they call it MUUUURDEERRRRR
  8. and wayne is a homosexual crackhead

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