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  1. Still plenty of money to be made and always will be. Some fish is probably making a deposit as I write this post cause ESPN replayed the WSOP tonight. Just my opinion but moneymaker effect brought more people to poker and with that comes more bad people. FWIW I heard way back in the day people got shot over poker games. What's the name for Aces and Eights?
  2. Just dont stress with the volume and a very ABC strategy the micros are easily beaten. Just remember most MTTs you play in your gonna lose. Try adding in some smaller field tourneys on Tilt and UB/AP to help with the variance.
  3. He was the MVP in the Jan. competition too. Congrats on the recent success. 100K badge coming soon.
  4. This site is probably 90% men and you start this thread. Going back to PD. OT must be dead if this thread is at the top
  5. Yeah I think scotch was just needling the Bama fans in the thread. I wouldnt let it bother you. I mean both schools are in Alabama and we both have stupid rednecks that do stupid shit. A daughter named Crimson is funny so was the picture of the redneck Auburn Fan holding a sign at a game where he had misspelled some words. And I couldnt wait to show it to my buddies that where Auburn fans. Both sides have plenty of stupid rednecks and they always seem to make the news.
  6. I have PXF and Tournament Poker Edge and use to be a member of Cardrunners. PXF has probably been the best one for me. I like TPE and its only like 20 bucks a month. Cardrunners seems to focus more on cash games. Think its just finding the one that is best for you.
  7. lol wonder if this is in one of his videos. And I think this is a common move with paired flop boards.
  8. I went to Bama and feel bad for the Auburn fans and alum. You dont mess with tradition it's what make college football great. Spray painting the score on the grass after the game is not the same. To me that is kind of a tradition too. Fans have always pulled pranks on their rivalry schools but usually it is something that is easily fixed. A 130 year old tree is irreplaceable. I hope this guy gets his ass beat on a daily basis while he is in jail. And the Bama fans should do it.
  9. Most sites have this in there options
  10. Fast and easy trade with Peldini would trade again.

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