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    Computerb was the best mod ever.
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    32Red Poker
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    Political Prop God
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    Anywhere the standard open is 5-10x
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    Blues & Jazz.. Politics.. Sports
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    Stud 8b, $3/$6 to $5/$10
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  1. Does severe trauma during conception hinder a woman's ability to get/stay pregnant? Im definitely not a doctor but not all of me wants to automatically dismiss the possibility of it negatively impacting possible pregnancies. That being said, using this as an argument to support making abortion in cases of rape illegal is absolutely retarded. Intelligent people should be offended. If I was advising him to defend his stance on abortion in cases of rape: - First, sympathize with rape victims. - Second, talk about preventative measures (self defense) - Lastly, after hijacking the question and spending most of the time talking about how awful rape is.. transition into the virtues of adoption and life.

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