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  1. It annoys the hell out of me that poker players have this "degenerate" perception but to some extent we have to take a step back objectively and look whats around us... Look at the way people talk to each other on forums, look at the things poker players say in chat boxes. Look how clueless players are with their bankrolls and spending. Even at live poker tables hearing the way people bad mouth each other its embarrassing to know that this is what people are going to see of poker players. Im not saying we 100% deserve the image the public gives poker players because it def is not an accurate view. But by presenting ourselves professionally and being informed, educated, and responsible citizens we can slowly change this view people have of poker players and show people this isn't the same game that used to be played illegally in the basement of bars with drug dealers and hustlers. Even though that still exists we can show them that those games and characters are only a minority in the poker world. So take it upon yourselves ladies and gentlemen, we may not feel like we are making a difference as 1 person but by being able to affect all the people around you it really can. Especially well known players in the spotlight that have a lot of people looking up to them and looking to set an example, you hold a tremendous power and its up to you to use that to better or worsen our poker community

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