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    I used to be semi-pro when I goofed off and didn't take the game seriously. I've recently found all of my old poker site login information. About to beast at the tables like I have taught myself to do over the years. Happy to be hear with Pocketfive
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    888 Poker
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    Live in a casino where I can hear the slot machines and read souls.
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    Traveling. Family time. Writing. Studying. Investing in the future.
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    Higher limits make money quicker
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    Really enjoying Poker Bros. Maybe the $40 55k nightly

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  1. Is this killingbird from Twitch? I've got the self-awareness down. It's the self-control that's the problem. I think the self-awareness is starting to win the battle though. Only been in Indiana a couple of years and don't have the poker buddies here that I had in Kentucky so regarding virtual; how would you go about that? Like this? Also, if you are KB from Twitch I'd like to talk to you about that. I've been thinking of starting a stream for a couple of months and though I'm probably over the top outgoing I am nervous about putting myself out there. I see the chances of another revenue stream there plus I think it would be a lot of fun. Most importantly I think this would keep me inline quite a bit with these other goals. My style of play is pretty unorthodox and I don't know if I'm ready to try and explain it or here the haters online. Maybe you can help. If it's not you then oh well, guess lotta talk about it for no reason. Thanks!

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