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  1. Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

    Have $2k party (theclaimer1) want $2k stars (theclaimEER)
  2. Hotrunner of the month - March - sign up thread!

    hope you all know apestles is the best ever before you sign up. Would love to play you noblemen but fk me, amak and apestlyes ill just play a lil live mtt in london and make moorman foot the bill. PS in for april
  3. Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

    Have $450 stars (theclaimEER) want $450 888 (whostoclaim)
  4. Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

    Have $3k party (theclaimer1) need $3k stars (theclaimEER)
  5. Pwnd hard sick call by dean23price

    pretty sick dean does all this while stacking 30 tables on a laptop
  6. Peelme1 FanObv

    very nice gratz
  7. folding top pair on the internet..............LOL

    you assuming people are assuming on the internet will get you in tricky spots on the computer poker
  8. yeh congrats. He crushed me and my 10% a couple tables out wpwp
  9. Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

    Have $2k on stars (theclaimEER) need $1k on party (theclaimer1) or the full $2k on Best poker (ongame) WhatAClaim will trade smaller amounts
  10. Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

    Have $2k party (theclaimer1) Need $2k mansion (TryClaimMe) or at worst stars (theClaimEER)
  11. Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

    I have $1000 on Tilt (theclaimer) I need $1000 on Stars (theClaimEER)
  12. midddddddddddyyyyyyyyyy

    oi oiii midddy
  13. What will your sunday schedule be?

    playing everything once unless i bust the first hour except brawl x2 and 750k x2
  14. ***Official 2011 Aussie Millions Main Event Thread***

    save the stable mooooooooooooomin moor 3/19 mizze cl antonios 2/19
  15. best online tourney player

    my shortlist from own experience would be commandr_cool taypaur bryn kenney gboro

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