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    my p5s PMs r permanently disabled so i can c i have messages but cant access them. please contact me another way if possible. thanks
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  1. Awesome generosity!!! 1 big thing to be successful in poker is being aware. So if you are aware that you need to make adjustments in your game and are very serious about playing poker as more than a hobby you should do your best to impress John that you meet his qualifications and take advantage of his coaching.
  2. Lol 98%??? Is that 98% of the logged in players or 98% of the accounts on the site? If they r goin to act like it never happened then I wouldn't put it past em to put a doctored stat like that in that email
  3. I like a top 15ish scores so that way you dont have to dedicate every single day to playin. Need to balance poker n life. amiright? prolly just bluffin to get what i really want n have every score count...
  4. MattDB had that few week stretch in 2012 that was decent...
  5. markdube is in??! u have to b up so much cuz of my donations this year!! glgllgl
  6. Another example of women being the rake in the poker game of life... Worm 1998ish

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