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  1. Hi All, Starting today, there is a a number of ways to help raise money for charities involved in the disaster relief in Haiti. There will be three different ways to donate/participate: 1. Aid For Haiti tournaments: Starting tonight and running through Sunday, there will be a number of “Aid For Haiti” tournaments at a range of buyins for players to participate in. The first one is at 2PM ET and it’s a $5 + $5 ($5 from every entry will be donated). 2. Aid For Haiti “no-play” tournaments: These are “fake” tournaments that won’t run. For anyone that wants to make a direct donation, they can enter one of the 10 different tournaments (all “scheduled” for Sunday at 6pm ET, 3pm PT) and not worry about playing a tournament. 3. An “Aid For Haiti” user has been set up for direct P2P transfers. Anyone can transfer any amount greater than $5 to that player ID. (see Our Hearts Go Out to Haiti - Full Tilt Poker for more information) All money raised will be matched by Full Tilt Poker and sent to various charities. A full page describing all of this in more detail will be up on the website tomorrow.Please do whatever you can to support this effort. Play in the tournaments, tweet/blog/post about it

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