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  1. how about a god damn fucking revolution and overthrow the piece of shit government...i'll be the first motherfucker on the front line to die for this shit...otherwise there is no god damn fix...the government fucks the people until there's a revolution, its been repeating itself over and over and over since the beginning of man fucking kind, sfobvimoposcs
  2. http://www.pocketfives.com/tournament/565829/ pretty sure this belongs at or near the top of the list
  3. congrads bro...good to see a friendly familiar grinder from the tables have a breakout year...best of luck to you in 2011!
  4. pm sent, willing to trade 1-2k ub for stars pm sent
  5. need up to 500 on stars (Jo Momz) have up to 500 on ub (PIMPOFPOKERZ) *have up to 500 ftp too (ThePimpOfPoker)...not sure how to edit sorry
  6. Thanks man, final 2 tabled that gay ftp tourney last night sorry i couldnt take it down =/

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