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  1. Sure can. SNGWizard takes into no account the future equity of each play, it is made in a vacuum. Stack modeling is so important when it comes to the bubble and I'll provide a couple examples where we should be both tighter and looser then SNGWizard. Assume both examples are pay 3. Example 1) You are 2nd in chips constantly getting pounded by 1st in chips who is to your right, both short stacks are to your left. This particular hand he winds up under the gun and chooses to fold. Your first thought might be well i'll wait it out and hopefully I'll cash while letting my stack get whittled down because SNGwizard says my 68o isn't good enough to shove here. This forgets to calculate that you will probably get whittled down for a few more rounds not to mention due to the short stacks being to the right of the big stack they will get shove opportunities to close the gap with you, often putting yourself in a bubble spot. Now that's not saying if you fold you won't cash or if you shove you won't bubble but if that SNGwizard calculation is anywhere within reason it should be a shove due to it not considering such scenarios and if you can survive the bubble still having a solid spot at 2nd you give yourself a better shot at 1st. Example 2) It's 4 handed. utg has 1600 chips, button has 3100 chips, sb has 3500 chips and you're in the bb with 5300 chips. 100/200 25 ante UTG ships everyone folds to you, you have A8o. You might think well i'm snap calling and just trying to end this bubble, however if you lose this hand you're going to be down to 3700 chips with the other stack sizes being 3200, 3100, 3500 meaning that if you lose an all in to any opponent now you are pretty much going to bubble. Now if you fold you're at 5100 chips with the short stack in the BB so if any of the other players want to attack the short stack they have to raise through your blinds and depending on the opponent this could be a super juicy 3 bet spot. Even if you pass on 3 betting you can simply raise the next hand as one of the larger stacks is in the BB and should be able to just safely minraise/shove down the other stacks where even if you lose an all in you still have 1500-2100 chips and that's assuming you lose an all in before gaining a ton more chips which would be super unlucky. I made a video where a break even reg gave me the CL due to calling with 44 on the bubble as the big stack, they then proceeded to bubble the game while I ran over the bubble. The shifts of power due to stack distribution just can't be emphasized by SNGwiz. -Thrash370

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