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  1. Hellllllllll yeah man. Shame I'm not there, you have a 100% winrate with me on the rail.
  2. If you do this make sure you run it through a neutral wallet first. If coinbase sees you getting withdraws directly from an address they associate with gambling they will ban you. Just download a wallet and transfer it there first, then to coinbase. You have to eat one extra step's worth of fees but you keep your cashout method.
  3. You still in that? Now I'm bored and looking to rail
  4. 2nd. Guy sucked out on me twice to win. Oh well I ran about as pure as possible to get HU so no worries.
  5. lol 4/9 in High Five #5. Hyper turbo shenanigans.
  6. FT of the $5 5k 8 max yet again. 8/8 though.
  7. I withdrew a little over 1k thursday afternoon, had to verify some info on the phone, then had it in bitcoin friday morning.
  8. This happened to a friend. Constant pain all over, doctor after doctor unsure of what it is. Eventually ended up being Lupis. I hope that isn't what you got man cause that shit sucks.
  9. Absolutely. the direct odds you are getting increase with each person in, to the point that they look really attractive, but your odds to number of players in the pot ratio falls with each extra person, and you are almost always going to be first to act. Still defend hands that play well multiways like suited connectors and stuff, and your ability to set mine with small pairs goes up a ton, but some of the more garbage hands you would defend against a single raise you should fold against a raise and 1+ calls. You really have to smack the flop to profitably continue with hands say 4 ways in
  10. I got a few sours from them and they were very good.
  11. I don't necessarily have a mathematical reason, I just found when I got HU in the games I play (<$5 MTTs usually) a lot of people aren't very strong players, and are especially weak HU. Often they either seem to start getting way too aggressive, or keep playing an almost ring game style and just get slowly bled. In my experience both of these are fairly exploitable by not shoving as much, and letting them make mistakes. Raise/fold in spots you normally wouldn't against the tight players, and raising small to induce shoves from the over aggressive players with a pretty wide range of value ha
  12. Ha honestly man I don't remember anything like that, and when I see your name I don't think "Oh fuck that guy" or anything so definitely nothing personal. I did most of my posting on here a decade ago, and I was 19/20. I was definitely a much bigger asshole and a lot less happy than I am now. Frankly I didn't even want to use this screen name for a long time because I'm ashamed of some of the shit I posted without a second thought 10 years ago, but eventually decided that anyone could easily match me up with the name with a little research anyway so its probably better to just own my past
  13. Yuuuuuup. For a long time all I wanted to be was a poker pro, and I'm really happy I got to live that dream for 5 years, but man did it suck a lot of the time. Now that I don't play for a living I enjoy poker 100x more. edit: It would have probably sucked less if I was a nosebleed crusher with fans and sponsorships and whatever back in the day, but the vast majority of poker pros are just consistent depressing grinders. Not fun.

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