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    Note that my name isn't Timex on any site in case for some reason you want to give me money.
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  1. http://blogs.cardrunners.com/Timex Cliff notes: Kinda quitting poker
  2. 85s (J5282 board) Also @ the guy talking about how Gorrioncillo owned me... he really did. In that spot I'm usually pretty comfortable shoving a small pair bvb for 40BB against someone who I expect to ever be 3betting light since I expect most people to only like 3-bet call 99+ or so live and the way he 3bet snap-called 77, I feel like he probably would have done the same with 66 which would have been some serious owning. The pot wasn't as big as you thought, it was like a 2.6m chip pot, if he'd have won that he'd have been 3rd or 4th but since I had a bunch more chips it put me up to 4.1m
  3. Pretty sure I got 1st, and pretty sure I'm 2nd only to mement_mori when it comes to being a Sumpas fanboy
  4. If anyone knows where I can find it online, PM me
  5. timex

    Sumpas is too sick

    Most people don't know much about him, but Sumpas just won the Amsterdam Masters Classic for 630k euros. In the last 3 months this guy has won the 10k high roller WCOOP, won the Party Sunday Major, 2nd in the Ongame 5k(to me...sick thinly veiled brag... I made what might be a bad call headsup just to increase the variance since I knew I'd get owned otherwise) and now this GJ
  6. Bill Edler won like 1.96m between June 28 and Sept 06, I'd guess this is about as close as anyone has gotten
  7. Quite a standard play, but could everyone in the know make sure not to explain why J8s is precisely the hand to be making this play with
  8. timex

    Ante Up for Africa

    Ch0ppy is at the final table but I can't find updates anywhere, can someone help me out on that one?
  9. That said, I'm not arguing against calling, just saying me shoving any 2 here would be absurd
  10. Ante Up - M.O.P or Grindin' - Clipse or Gimme the Loot - B.I.G
  11. This At my EPT final table I raise folded to someone with 12BB, in an upcoming video I raisefold to someone with 10BB
  12. Back when flatting big pairs become the cool thing to do I used to make some fairly big folds to a single raise and a call. This one isn't too crazy, but I suck at making hella big folds Hand #52128252-90 at Sun2pm10K-006 (No Limit tournament Hold'em) Started at 30/Mar/08 15:25:17 Incognito NYC is at seat 0 with 1585. dave60614 is at seat 1 with 3675. P0KERPR033 is at seat 2 with 1450. TlMEX is at seat 3 with 5400. 321654 is at seat 4 with 2140. debo34 is at seat 5 with 4735. SAB33 is at seat 7 with 3085. bongo is at seat 8 with 2930. The button is at seat 3. 321654

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