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  1. IMO qq is the same as jj here if u get 4 bet There jst not 4 betting lite in random live mtts...I disagree that if u 3 bet fold jj it's jst a bluff...online yes it's a lot worse because ppl aren't jst flagging behind w atc so u don't have to worry about going 5 ways as much and pol r capable of 4 betting lite if anything live ur 3 betting to iso not for value not saying I 3 bet here but i don't think 3 bet folding is bad here at all... Anyone else agree with me
  2. I don't think it's bad to flat jst if u go 5 ways don't get too attached to jj...I don't mind 3 bet isokng either...if u get 4 bet u jst fold it's not that difficult live mtt there most likely going to 4 bet too big w ba sizing so ur not priced in...and i doubt ur playing against a field that well ever 4 bet anything worse not even Ak...and u jst gotta get it in on this flop everytime 100bbs deep
  3. work on ur bet sizing imo
  4. Is it working for everyone. Works for me yesterday and then 0 for 2 today.
  5. See imo this attitude is what is going to hinder you from becoming better. Imo you need to be watching what everyone is doing and incorporate diffrents parts of players games to develop your own "beast" If your not willing and open to try new things a listen and apply new concepts then ur pretty much sol. My best guess is u were jst apply the information in the wrong way, hence causing u to show worse results. But nevertheless good week and gl
  6. Give me an occasional aderrall session or give me death.
  7. Ice water in your veins don't freeze up
  8. Doest he have a youtube video where he calls a guy with 9 hi.
  9. If ur line is to 4 bet u gotta shove ovr his 5 bet imo someone correct me if im wrong. I mean u can even min 6 bet to possible induce(he had k10). Its kinda a tricky spot tho
  10. Flat more times than not in most spots. Check call almost any flop and use ur poker skills from there its hard to win a big pot op w 1010 here unless he barrels and barrels air but i think flatting is the best line hes prally not going all in with worse if he 4 bets or jams and why 3 bet when theres going be an ovr almost a majority of the time.
  11. No u cant say im calling here because i think he has Ak and want to see if no ace or king comes. If u strongly put him on ak jst get it in pre. Im not putting in the 4 bet here unless im gettign it in preflop against the vilian.
  12. We should have a suicide post forum. http://officialpokerrankings.com/fulltiltpoker/gboro780/poker/results/42B1FC621B2B4524AEC485C375757281.html?t=2 http://officialpokerrankings.com/pokerstars/gboro780/poker/results/B806D6C4AE104EE7832D36D90A2E468A.html?t=2 What are the streaky results u speak of.

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