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  1. On 5/4/2016 I hit my highest peak ever and today I've landed at -$5200 since then. I've never come close to hitting this low. I only track wins/losses at pokerrankings/sharkscope so I don't track the full details other than this stretch has been over about 400 games on ACR. My ABI is $17.54 on ACR and carbon no longer tracks anymore so I can't know for sure on there. I've probably played about 200 games on Carbon along ACR since 5/4/2016 when my downswing began. That lands me at 600 games with an ABI of maybe $17.41, and a loss of $5200. That's a loss of an average $296.47 buy ins from 5/4/2016 to 8/13/2016. Assuming I'm running 20-30% true (which I'm sure people will doubt looking at my recent results) can somebody tell me it's okay every will be alright? This sucks.

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