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  1. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are with trips on the river. PokerStars Game #60674122427: Tournament #416010491, $10+$1 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) Table '416010491 73' 9-max Seat #6 is the button Seat 1: tRaMSt0p (3000 in chips) Seat 2: 205522 (3695 in chips) Seat 4: lfv heli (2755 in chips) Seat 5: dr70342 (2910 in chips) Seat 6: faultyflop (2880 in chips) Seat 7: gnom440 (2940 in chips) Seat 8: saansolo (5900 in chips) Seat 9: FeritFerdi (2920 in chips) gnom440: posts small blind 10 saansolo: posts big blind 20 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to tRaMSt0p [5s As] FeritFerdi: folds tRaMSt0p: raises 40 to 60 GilMarcell83 is connected 205522: folds lfv heli: folds dr70342: folds faultyflop: calls 60 gnom440: calls 50 saansolo: folds *** FLOP *** [6d Ac Kc] gnom440: checks tRaMSt0p: checks faultyflop: bets 60 gnom440: folds tRaMSt0p: calls 60 *** TURN *** [6d Ac Kc] [2c] tRaMSt0p: checks faultyflop: bets 60 tRaMSt0p: calls 60 *** RIVER *** [6d Ac Kc 2c] [Ad] tRaMSt0p: checks faultyflop: bets 60 tRaMSt0p: raises 120 to 180 faultyflop: calls 120 *** SHOW DOWN *** tRaMSt0p: shows [5s As] (three of a kind, Aces) faultyflop: shows [Ah Js] (three of a kind, Aces - King+Jack kicker) faultyflop collected 800 from pot PokerStars Game #60675519734: Tournament #416010491, $10+$1 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level III (20/40) Table '416010491 73' 9-max Seat #8 is the button Seat 1: tRaMSt0p (3715 in chips) Seat 2: donleo078 (2015 in chips) Seat 3: GilMarcell83 (1525 in chips) Seat 4: lfv heli (2500 in chips) Seat 5: dr70342 (3120 in chips) Seat 6: faultyflop (3055 in chips) Seat 7: gnom440 (5550 in chips) Seat 8: saansolo (6235 in chips) Seat 9: FeritFerdi (2090 in chips) FeritFerdi: posts small blind 20 tRaMSt0p: posts big blind 40 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to tRaMSt0p [Tc 6s] donleo078: calls 40 GilMarcell83: folds lfv heli: folds dr70342: folds faultyflop: folds gnom440: calls 40 saansolo: folds FeritFerdi: calls 20 tRaMSt0p: checks *** FLOP *** [5s Ts 4c] FeritFerdi: checks tRaMSt0p: checks donleo078: checks gnom440: bets 120 FeritFerdi: folds tRaMSt0p: calls 120 donleo078: folds *** TURN *** [5s Ts 4c] [Td] tRaMSt0p: checks gnom440: checks *** RIVER *** [5s Ts 4c Td] [9c] tRaMSt0p: bets 160 gnom440: raises 640 to 800 tRaMSt0p: calls 640 *** SHOW DOWN *** gnom440: shows [4h Th] (a full house, Tens full of Fours) tRaMSt0p: mucks hand gnom440 collected 2000 from pot
  2. As the title suggests, I wanted to gather some opinions on what peoples opening hand ranges were with a 20-10bb stack with around 20-10% of the field remaining. Obviously there are a lot of factors that need to be considered when opening, such as aggression of players in blinds, whether or not there are short stacks behind us etc, I think hang ranges can still be specified with no exact table dynamic details. FWIW, I play low stakes tourneys from anything including $4.40 up to $26 and $3.30-rebuys up to the $11-rebuy and $22 (1r1a).
  3. Roya6 flatted, and then on a 8-high flop, check-folded to TEENageTuRtL's c-bet/shove (can't remember which one) I think its a fold . . . and as people said, a puke fold haha
  4. PokerStars Game #55656528411: Tournament #401010647, $10+$1 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (250/500) - 2011/01/10 10:41:23 AEST [2011/01/09 18:41:23 ET] Table '401010647 81' 9-max Seat #7 is the button Seat 1: Rene_no_luck (6995 in chips) Seat 2: Foggsy (19165 in chips) Seat 3: Roya6 (23371 in chips) Seat 4: giopazzo (59485 in chips) Seat 5: TEENageTuRtL (11865 in chips) Seat 6: gut88 (7955 in chips) Seat 7: tRaMSt0p (5043 in chips) Seat 8: drew2200 (5921 in chips) Seat 9: cavalao (23747 in chips) Rene_no_luck: posts the ante 75 Foggsy: posts the ante 75 Roya6: posts the ante 75 giopazzo: posts the ante 75 TEENageTuRtL: posts the ante 75 gut88: posts the ante 75 tRaMSt0p: posts the ante 75 drew2200: posts the ante 75 cavalao: posts the ante 75 drew2200: posts small blind 250 cavalao: posts big blind 500 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to tRaMSt0p [Tc Ts] Rene_no_luck: folds Foggsy: folds Roya6: raises 750 to 1250 giopazzo: folds TEENageTuRtL: raises 1925 to 3175 gut88: folds tRaMSt0p: ???
  5. I think checking the turn is fine for both pot control and loss-minimization. You definitely have to bet the river once its checked to you as you'll find his range that bet-calls the flop and checks two streets will include everything that doesn't beat you unless he is trying to get sneaky with something like A-T. There isn't a bunch in the pot (4,505 to be exact) so something around the 2,500 mark will probably get the most value out of those hands that include K-x, QQ-JJ, A9 to airballs. If you do face some heat with a check-raise, there may be justification for a call, but even if you fold, you still have plenty of chips to make a run at both the money and the win.
  6. Yeah I didn't hesitate too long into folding, but just wanted to see what other peoples thoughts were on the hand. FWIW the utg player held 8x8x.
  7. PokerStars Game #55267855215: Tournament #345093042, $3.00+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXXVII (17500/35000) - 2011/01/03 12:47:34 AEST [2011/01/02 20:47:34 ET] Table '345093042 215' 9-max Seat #7 is the button Seat 2: NGC-2419 (752509 in chips) Seat 3: tRaMSt0p (338815 in chips) Seat 5: dccnesquick (736428 in chips) Seat 6: Blundeto (715322 in chips) Seat 7: Allways_Lose (1013859 in chips) Seat 8: ann_can (284626 in chips) Seat 9: PunkyPickle (725374 in chips) NGC-2419: posts the ante 4375 tRaMSt0p: posts the ante 4375 dccnesquick: posts the ante 4375 Blundeto: posts the ante 4375 Allways_Lose: posts the ante 4375 ann_can: posts the ante 4375 PunkyPickle: posts the ante 4375 ann_can: posts small blind 17500 PunkyPickle: posts big blind 35000 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to tRaMSt0p [5h 5c] NGC-2419: raises 70000 to 105000 tRaMSt0p: ??? I was sitting 12/14 with the average stack at ~900k and a guaranteed $57.28 payday. Approximate Payouts 1st - $2,000 2nd - $1,500 3rd - $1,000 4th - $731 5th - $540 6th - $413 7th - $286 8th - $159 9th - 101 10-12th - $76
  8. 89s

    ^^ probably the number one factor
  9. It is these kind of marginal situations that can make-or-break you as a winning player. If you can work on your value-betting and loss-minimization (in hands very similar to these) it will definitely go a long way in seeing you climb up the limits.
  10. 89s

    Clear fold IMO. Even calling off 12% of your stack isn't great here especially considering there are no antes and you are oop. If you do want to add some moves to your arsenal, then sobeit, but you've gotta make sure that the conditions are optimal for it to work.
  11. I haven't had much experience with the ante tables, but I have played a gazillion hands of low limit full ring, so will give you my two cents on the hand. Your 90c c-bet into a $1.41 pot isn't too bad because the calling range of these two players shouldn't connect too strong with this kind of flop (assuming they are playing fairly straight-forward full ring strategy). However, with the flop being extremely draw-heavy, there is a good chance that your two opponent may try and take it away from you. Turn bet is completely standard, but the river play is horrible. Your bet-sizing is way too huge because what really calls you for a near full-pot bet that you beat? Overpair/Underset ... but you'd probably have smelt that earlier in the hand and same goes with most two-pair combinations. This bet really needs to be roughly half-pot so that you can extract some value from the weak holdings that King Ex may have . . . although there isn't too much that fits this category. The way this hand has been played, King Ex's hand is fairly face up as being some kind of draw. So if he makes it on the river, its a near guarantee that he is going to shovel more chips into the pot. Consequently by calling, you are priced in to call off his shove regardless of your 'read'. The best option on the river I believe is to firstly check - without a doubt - before assessing King Ex's play. It's always going to be one of those umming and ahhing situations where you contemplate whether he has it, but when he calls, calls and then bets the river, the majority of the time he will have made his hand and have you dead! In conclusion, pre and flop fine, turn fine, river bad . . . next time check-fold.
  12. Even though you only have 9bbs, your three-bet shove may result in a fold, and even if he opts to call, you don't fare too bad against his four-handed range of hands that he opens. I lean towards a shove the majority of the time, because its a great chance to increase your stack to 37.4k (12.5bbs) and you put you in a slightly better spot to make a run at first.
  13. The thing I've been working in situations like this when I'm dealt the goods (AA, KK or QQ) is that I open with a min-raise. I find that I tend to get shipped on by people holding those really marginal hands like A-10, A-rag and even KQ believing that I'm just trying to pick up the blinds with my super-powerful min-raise, and once they do ship it on me, I snap it off. You tend to get action out of hands that easily kick their cards to the muck when faced with a 10bb+ open-shove. However, my example mostly has a sample size from late position (button to lo-jack), so UTG is a different situation - but holding 99 and only having 14bbs it makes it so tricky, but I think getting it in is the right play.
  14. You gotta remember not to be results orientated in a hand like this. Although you opened UTG and your perceived hand range is fairly strong, plenty of players defend their blinds and will a c-bet on an Ace-high flop as sometimes being weak. The villain on this occasion has a perfect check-shove stack, and when they do, I think you pretty much need to snap it off everytime (stats always a factor). If this hand occurred with you in the cutoff or on the button, you would probably c-bet and snap a shove right? Well nowadays I feel that alot of players are regarding an UTG raise as the new steal spot, so will happily see the flop from the blinds and make this sort of play. Also, you gotta take into consideration the villain's range of hands he may make this play with that you absolutely crush . . . Ace-rags, flush draws and straight draws . . . I think you crush enough hands to make the call here.
  15. This without a doubt! I find the preflop three-bet isn't sized right either. If the Villain is loose and will call/call off real marginally, then your AsQs is by far well ahead of his range. Consequently I want to get some value for my holding, and probably three-bet a little larger to get more knowledge on his hand (the image you have given us of the Villain to me ensures that the Villain will call the small three-bet with anything). As played, the flop c-bet is fine, but a fold is a must especially knowing that he'll stack off marginally to you when you have the goods.

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