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  1. all set @Eggiebets, I got sheep as well. I think most ppl are in, still waiting for a couple. Depending on what OneM does, we are currently at 51/14/5. I am travelling all day tomorrow to see UC/Miami, but I will confirm all the registrations and prize pool Sun or Mon.
  2. Futon is in for 500, that makes 5. Waiting to hear back from Zien 50
  3. You make 4, Jaybone is in if we get 5. Just need 1 more.
  4. 44/12/2 for now, the first lines will be out Tues aftn. All college this week (there is an all NFL week later in the season with Army/Navy). Almost time!
  5. Quick update: StephanPaul10 shipped for 500$ so I assume this means he wants to play at that level no matter what. JB is interested for 500 if there is more action, I believe Xmas is the same way. I tried to reach out to big player Boangtao but have not heard back. @JoeHead may be interested too. You guys are welcome to decide whenever on this, all long-time players so no worries here.
  6. This is what I currently have, sent you a PM Poach Just saw there are some other new entries activated who haven't paid yet, one of these might be your +1 Poach
  7. This is what I currently have, sent you a PM Poach
  8. Only need to click on a link to signup mang. Here's what we've got so far
  9. Thx for starting a thread @eagleseye13 Here is the link to join if ppl dont have it https://www.officefootballpool.com/pools.cfm?poolid=115288&p=2&pwd=ot10ot Much of the side conversation and registrations updates are going to be in Discord moving forward, anyone who wants to join just DM me for a link (one was also included in the email).
  10. Are you talking about the conversation where I called you out for forwarding false propaganda and you responded by making up a complete lie about my teenage son? Yes, I really felt like those are the actions of a person with questionable integrity in the case of the former and the actions of a complete scumbag in the case of the latter. And I will continue to feel those feelings for people who do either of those things, especially people who resort to inventing falsehoods about minor children to change the direction of an argument.
  11. So here we go, definitely have to update the overall trend to negative. The Tenken line has crested and is trending down, and we finally tapped back at the Kijun line (almost perfectly you will notice). Kijun bounces are fine for BIBCON 5 and we could continue the trend from here, however, if we don't get back above the Tenken in the next 48 hours and it keeps going down, our next touch of Kijun is likely where I would lower condition to 4 At BIBCON 4 and trending down we are likely headed to the cloud for a test, but with the way the cloud is shaped, we could see sideways consolidation and just run into it sideways. Important 48 hours here to see how the reaction from the Kijun tap is. The MACD (at very bottom) is about to go negative on the daily chart as well. Doesn't mean it can't be fixed, but that's the trend. Will re-evaluate after there is significant action near 44k (not just a scam wick).

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