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  1. i kno this is kind of late... but I may be the only person on the planet that claims to be friends with both pikapp and albari... first of all, you guys are both good guys, (clowns in your own ways), but good guys nontheless. secondly, i would just like to say to all you retards who are all so quick to say pikapp did nothing wrong, and albari shouldnt have even posted this... 100% if the rolls were reversed and albari was the slowroller, and pikapp posted the HH, almost all of you clowns would be screaming bloody murder saying Albari should DIAGF or whatever the cool new acronym is that you internet sheep are using nowadays thirdly, its so fucking sad that slowrolling now should be considered "part of the game" in online poker... i have never even considered slowrolling anyone... and the fact that some of you look for opportunities to do it, is honestly pathetic. its unethical, its classless, and it serves no purpose other than making ppl hate you, its not cool, so stop doing it fourthly, i understand that allen is getting flamed b/c someone posted a HH of him slowrolling some dude (allen claims it was cuz of history they had) personally i dont think there is ever a time where slowrolling is acceptable fifthly, i didnt read all of this thread mostly b/c i try to have a life... most of you should get out there and "try" to do the same... maybe meet a girl, try it! you might like it!

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