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    i just want to win a sunday million title, to kickstart my pro poker career and be a known player ;-)
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    KQ (kwing)
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    NL10 6-max
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    the big 27.50 :-)

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  1. I'm Looking for someone to stake me, 100% buy-in paid, for the main events, like the weekly Sunday Million, the daily bigs ($11/$27.50) and even the really big ones (Super Tuesday/WCOOP) Anyone Interested..!? I only play on Pokerstars, under my Alias 'TRIP_K1NGS' My stats are not that great: 1x big 27.50 WIN $6,200 (via 0.66c Tournament/Satalitte) 30+ Final Tables from MTT tourneys (large field) Cashed in Top-1000 in the WCOOP Sunday Million(12,000+ Field) Also I've won about 6/7 Sunday Million tickets from just $1.65, and a few other nice little scores/Podium finishes. Nothing major YET.. I usually win my seat to events to make it fun and cheaper ;) I would love some professional coaching and advice, and even staking, we may be the next Olivier Busquet and Daniel Coleman, lol :) I am only looking to do this until I earn myself a decent bankroll to continue on my own. I do not use any poker tools/HUD/software, I just use my mind and heart. I have learned TAG/LAG/ABC/Ranging/and a lot more. I've folded QQ preflop, Folded a fullhouse on flop - heads up, folded flushes and straights correctly, so I am disciplined, and tight. id class myself as a semi-pro level 4 thinking player, with mixed strategy and tells, I also can light 3bet/4bet/5bet pre + follow up accordingly by polarising myself.. ( I wana be a pro so bad with $1M+ ) my only real problem is funding my account/aggression. I did win a large bankroll but it didn't last because I moved straight up from micro to high stakes lol ( Mr.Confident or Mr.Ego ) So yeah, is anyone Interested? I will offer 50% of all winnings. we could even chat regularly and keep upto date on things. The 1st tournament Im looking to be set-up for is the 9th anniversary SM. I may want this to be daily fulltime, permenantly if we do well together ;-) by that I mean il play/work fulltime :-) message me if anyone wants to discuss an agreement..

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