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  1. WSOP hand, want advice.

    Level 3 of WSOP main event, blinds are 200/400, i had 8500 in chips. I was recently moved to this table... the 'villain' is Molina (blond loudmouth kid from last years wsop). he just opened the last pot and took down preflop... next hand a lap players limps in early, he raises behind him to 1500. I have two 9s, and have been played very few hands at this table (maybe none before this? not sure...) I'm not too sure what to do here... i decided that if i shove, the worst im getting called with is AK or a bigger pair, since i didnt have any kind of maniac image at this point to get called lighter then 99... I decided to call and play on the flop.... letting the limper in possibly (he calls)... 5k in the pot, flop comes 23Q with two spades... limper checks, villain bets 1k... i make it 3k (i have 4500 left). limper folds, molina quickly goes all-in... i show and fold after a little deliberation. After I got knocked out 20 minutes later I asked him if my 9s were good and he said no quickly and decisively... I definitely believe that is the truth... but that's besides the point. What should I have done preflop? fold/call/reraise allin? I think u can make an argument for all 3, so im curious. What should I have done on the flop given my call and his 1k bet?

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