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  1. for me it is having and end goal, something to aim at and a plan to get there. On top of which, taking down a big MTT is a real buzz, something to be proud of (and the money is nice too). I just don't get that from cash games, not having an end goal means that I will often lose motivation in a session. I enyjoy playing cash but mostly use it to practice deep stack play for MTTs.
  2. No idea. I tried redoing mine as I dont show up in the Scotland rankings despite it showing my town as Falkirk but nothing changed.
  3. It would depend on how active the initial raiser had been, if he had been raising frequently and with marginal hands to 3x, then I would take this spot and shove. If this had been his first open in several orbits I might not take this spot. The trouble is you will always be getting a caller in this spot with 10.5bb in the pot before your 16bb shove the pot odds pretty much price them in with any reasonable hand. But, with 16bb and a decent pair It's probably worth the risk here. I think the hand was played spewy by both the original opener and the player with AQ. I don't mind the JTs open, but should have been small sizing 2.1bb and played as a raise fold. The AQ player just needs to rip it in preflop, this is not a trapping hand.
  4. As played you over-bet lead out - then get 3x raised, and there is still a player to act! It's pretty safe to assume you are crushed at this point, so fold. Your best case is that he has a flush and you have 7 outs, worst case is he has KK or 99 and you have 1 out. The is only one hand which you beat that 'might' raise your flop lead out and that is AhK but that's only 3 combo's - ok granted at these stakes someone might spazz out with the bare Ah but that's a rare case and certainly doesn't justify staking off. Flopping sets on monotone boards sucks - but it happens. What you have to realise - especially mulitway - is that you have a marginal made hand on this flop, It's beating any Kx or 9x for sure, but your not looking to play a massive pot more to go into bluff catching mode / let a Kx value own themselves.
  5. Unistall the client and and download the latest version
  6. save yourself a lot of bother in the future and dont flat AJ OOP v UTG+1 open and UTG+2 3 bet (which was 4x) Donk leading in a 3bet pot is pretty awful play as well, regardless of what he had you deserved to get owned in this hand. As played I'd say folding river was probably correct as you dont beat any of his value hands and he doesn't have that many bluffs in his range other than missed diamonds, and a lot of those combos he would 3 bet semi-bluff could have made 2 pair or better on this board.
  7. 2 cards from your 4 starting cards must be used to make the hand u have 99987 he has 999kq
  8. Not really relevant from the BB v limped pot. But playing solid ranges will help you overall. Dont over value small pocket pairs - will cost you a lot in the long run. Play them for set value or get out the hand.
  9. Pointless raise OOP with a hand thats difficult to play post flop. Just take the flop from the BB and try to spike a set.
  10. In a PKO I'd be 3 betting quit big ~9bbs to ISO the MP1 stack and call off if he shoves. If the BTN piles it in as well I'm sigh calling (that's if MP1 gets it in). Its a shame you have so few hands on the BTN as we can't deduce if he is fishing or trapping.
  11. He should go buy a Euro Millions Lotto ticket immediately! Don't care how good of a player he is you have to run seriously hot just to get deep in that let alone win it! and twice! Well done to him....just hope he's prepared for the downswing that's sure to come after that much luck lol
  12. Preflop you need to raise bigger if you are raising as said above. On the flop - just fold! This guy has zero bluffs when he bangs pot into 2 players so is never folding to a raise.
  13. Are you ITM or on the bubble? What was the payout structure? Given you are on last 2 tables this would need an ICM calculation for an accurate answer. Chip EV wise it's a close call v a typical SB v MP 3bet shove range, so in this instance I think it would be a fold with ICM considerations. This is your equity against that range: Equity Win Tie MP2 35.84% 35.62% 0.22% { 77 } SB 64.16% 63.93% 0.22% { 88+, AJs+, KQs, AQo+ }

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