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  1. did i miss something, wasnt the point that you dont know who it is, and all sp characters look the same without clothing and hair?
  2. kinda sucks to give up your friday night for one tourney imo
  3. what makes him a criminal?? fuck tha police coming straight from the underground
  4. easy shove vwp, just really unlucky. personally i like shoving any flop when i make top pair or better, just sucks that some fish got lucky on you.
  5. buy more cards with the extra money, and break them on youtube
  6. America needs to catch up with the modern world, down with sexism!
  7. why would mailing beer be illegal?
  8. i wonder much kiffin paid him? two tool bags make a great match, cant wait for this recruiting scandal to come out.
  9. goose jerky is dank, but id be careful just tryin to stomp it out, things are mean as hell
  10. why cant i find a link to episode two? someone please hook it up
  11. Johnny Flynn aka The Legend
  12. lol whered that come from? Go AU, i guess.

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