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  1. OK so I'm no expert but I tried a couple different search sites i found by googling IP Lookup: In addition to the Apopka location, I have found several wesites that give a slightly more detailed answer. From another webiste lookup that must have used the same logic as above: IP Address is found in United States IP Address resolved to Hostname rrcs-71-43-239-214.se.biz.rr.com Query took 0 ms Init time was 1 ms Guessed City: Winter Park Region: Florida ISP: BEST-WESTERN If I am reading this it looks like it is tying this to an account held by Best Western Motel in Winter Park Florida?????? Not sure if that is good or bad news. Might mean it's from a hotel room at that location?? Guys thanks so much for everything you have done so far. Words really can't express how i appreciate all of the help and support. I found out what bonflizubi posted yesterday around 3pm. I am in the middle of findout how a name or what I can do to get a name. I have sent a few emails and I am awaiting a response. If I haven't gotten a response by the time I wake up n the morning i'm going to try to get through to someone on the phone. Ok... so lets say I get a name.... 1) What kind of charges can I press against this person? As far as we know they made no financial gain. Plus it is online poker.. 2) Not only did the person hack into my poker accounts but I found out today that my email was hacked as well... Which was how he gained entry into my accounts... q's 1&2= Fraud?? 3) What if i do prove my case? Will FTP handle the situation differently? 4) If FTP will not handle the situation differently then how can I get the money that is rightfully mine back? 5) I'm looking for answers other than DURRRR to question 4. 6) Excuse me if these questions are elementary and you know a 7 year old child that could answer them with ease. I grew up in Mississippi imo.. Thanks again all so much and gn for now -Tyler

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