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    Scoping out local high schools
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  1. miglet..... live i am 100% the same person i am as online. yet just about everyone who plays with me live likes me. i have a good time when i play, otherwise poker sucks and becomes tedious and boring. looking at cards 8ish hours a day, 4-5 days a week is boring. i try to liven things up a bit. the day i care what you think or daut or your fake girl(friend) peachymer or any other guy who crys because i say "lol nice call you suck" after you knock me out of a tournament is the day i quit poker. i wouldnt be friends with people like you in real life, college, high school, nursery school. why would i care if you were my friend here? you keep saying personal attacks yet i cant recall, nor do i see anyone saying specifics, about me attacking someone personally until they did so to me (see: tmay). go back to hitting on peachymer. i just cant imagine how red youll turn when you realize shes a he.

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