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    I like to play poker all day every day and am still working on getting better.
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  1. Sorry man I'm a computer dummy, cant figure it out lol. He is 1/8 now tho. I see the button i click and it says a copy of this link has been shared on my clipboard but cant figure out how to access that.
  2. Hes 5/9 n the 55 15k, 3 wins n 3 days?
  3. Too funny that Shrubbs can start his own thread over ACR crashing all day (which fukn sux for me too lol) but not only cant respond here for a week, still hasnt told his investors his new screen name so they can track his results and those of us without a dog in the fight can slowroll his ass for being a shady creature!
  4. unlukyduck82

    Pokemon Go

    @chainsaw trade me a Relicanth
  5. Max check req: 9-27 Approved: 9-29 Check in hand: 10-2 No complaints with this. Get it together Carbon so I can come back!!
  6. They also only refunded me for the 22$ SS and the 5$ SS. Had to call for the other 22 the 16.5 and the 55. Pay close attention to your balanced when u log on. Phone support is very helpful and credited me immediately.
  7. Busted. So its back home on the Bovada grind.
  8. Playing the 300$ deep stack re entry today. If anyone else is here and wanna meet up I'm wearing a pujols jersey.
  9. I reshoved pocket 22s into 2 guys that had ak flop ak8 out. blah
  10. Made it thru the second break. Late reg just closed we got 633 entries. Sitting on about 15k from 10k starting stack. At a nitty boring table.
  11. We are set to kick off flight B in 10 minutes. Monitor says 400 entries and the line is still pretty long. I'm pretty excited. This is going to be my first ring event win!! Gl gl to all those playing. I'm at table 48 seat 3 if anyone here wanna say what up. Will post updates here.
  12. how do I get $ on there. looks like the only option is visa. I don't have visa
  13. Ok so a little about me. I've been a machine operator for the last 9 years. Started off on midnights and on my nights off in 07 played freerolls on pokerstars. Won a freeroll and they gave me $5. Up until that day I didn't know you could play for real money. Started playing a lot after that. Broke even/lost a little for quite some time. Then I got better and started turning a profit. Black Friday happened and I started playing on Carbon. Been working full time and grinding on the weekends for a while now making decent side money. Saturday I hurt my back pretty bad and can barely walk. Went to
  14. Wonder how many entrants event #3 will get. I think it has 3 starting flights so should be awesome either way!
  15. http://www.wsop.com/tourney/tourneydetails.asp?groupID=1097 Anyone else going? I will be playing events 4 5 and 6. Will be there for 5 days starting next Friday.

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