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    Hello mates, let's say I'm beginner in online poker. I've got some experience with live games but this online playing is a bit hard for me to reading people. As this is my very first post kindly ask to give me your comments regarding the hand bellow. What do you think about my game & analyze, do you see mistakes? Sit & Go (45 players), NLHoldEm, 0.25$Early stage, blind 10/20, 9th hand, All players stack more or less 1500.The player from UTG who has 1 call from 9 hands now is raising for first time to 40.I'm calling with AJo from the button, SB folds, BB is callis. Flop: Qc 2d 6d (POT 157)BB checks, player bet 79 chips. I call, BB fold.Turn: Qh (POT 315)Player checks. I bet 315 - he raises 630 - I fold. My analyze: Pre-flop small raise: Ace with strong kick or small/medium pairs, or suited connectors.Flop 1/2 pot bet: I though he is trying to steal the pot with something like AK or AT or semi-bluf on flush-draw. There was one more player after me so I decided to call. Here I eliminated he is with Q or set. In that case I believe he should be scared from flush-draw and probably should bet at least pot-size nor 1/2 or even slow-play it. Turn: Small bet should be call on flush draw, bigger than pot to risky. Pot-size bet should be worth at all. Even if not in this hand - in general. Re-raised in this situation should means Queen.

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