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  1. where is the 2021 mlb off season thread?
  2. hurts is gonna hurt ya butt more than he would
  3. ima take an ot break til i find myself something to do other than drink all day long. unemployment is boring as fuck with nothing to do or go do
  4. what . lol rip beanz
  5. 6 min abs. those electric belts would zap u if u had it up to high or used it too long
  6. he shoulda starred him down when he was tapping on his head that woulda been gangsta as tennis can get
  7. how much cheaper was electricity in texas than everyone else in america before they skimped out on winterizing?
  8. nobody has to much to drink, john
  9. what is even more incredible is that somebody will inetentionally take a bite of a deep dish pizza today
  10. @elendil not much covid at the australian open?
  11. hopefully ur penis is as small as draymonds then haha
  12. tom brady kisses his own son better than that
  13. that guy looks like what i'd imagine @Paki_Poker drake and sesameme street had a baby together would look like lol @wantagolf gtfo haha
  14. i stand my ground. they shoulda fire belichick at halftime count ya lucky stars the owner was gettin a handjob from a 70 years old asians that looked like she was 300

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