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  1. Not sure if my title is confusing. But i'm talking about those people who interviews poker players and almost of of them are women and those guy commentors or shows like WPT and WSOP. For poker interviewers, I'm talking about Gloria Balding, Kimberly Lansing, Lynn Gilmartin. Also, i read that Tony Dunst got a job as a poker commenter and just curious how much you guys say these people earn around? What about Mike Sexton and Vin Van Patten.I mean, these people are on camera and many of the interviewers post a lot on youtube the videos. But would i be right to assume they make around $50,000-$70,000 or is that too low for the people like Gloria Balding, Kimberly Lansing? I feel like the guys like Mike Sexton and Vin Van Patten make around $100,000 for their jobs? Or is that too high? Also, i know shows like WSOP/WPT make their money with commercials they show when episodes are running but how do pokerroad, and those companies that Gloria Balding, Lynn Gilmartin work for make money if all the information they post on their website are free and videos they post on youtube are free? I know they have ad's on their sites but i find it really hard that ads could pay that much money for them to operate a website like that and then have to pay all those poker interviewers and the other people that work with them. Or am i wrong here?

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