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  1. Hey..:) why not but I´m off to weekend :/ when do you leave Prague? And unfortunately I didnt make any other payjump. Lost K9 vs T3s flop caught 9 but €uropean got runner runner flush :/ I owe you 45,2€ (151,2-106).
  2. Made it to Day 3 itm but very short with 6bbs. 7560€ guaranteed.
  3. Already finished 31th in eureka high roller for 9060€. Now i made it through Day 1b with 110k.
  4. EPT ME - sold out Eureka ME - sold out Eureka HR - sold out 1k single re-e - 15% left
  5. Meh..would prefer if you take 5%. I made it like that to make settlement easier. EPT ME is exception because of high buy in. Eureka ME has last 5% left if you want take that in exchange for these two other pieces. Let me know.
  6. Latest update: EPT ME - 38% left Eureka ME - 10% left Eureka HR - 25% left 1k single re-e - 15% left
  7. New update: EPT ME 48% left Eureka ME 20% left Eureka HR 35% left 1k single re-e 25% left
  8. Ok reserved. I ll let you know in time. But most likely I am.
  9. Also would be right mention how I ll be delivering cash outs. To the players who ll attend EPT as well is possible to pay back immediately in Hilton casino Prague. To the others as they choose. thankx again.
  10. Hello guys, as you may remember, I was selling action from WSOP Circuit ME in Rozvadov. Even though I didnt cash the main, finished third in 660€ 6max ring event for more than 10K. Now Im going to participate in other live festival. Im selling four different tourneys, each with different mark up based on difficulty and on buy-in of event. Eureka Main event - 1100€ up to 25%, 1% = 13,2€ (MU 1,2), minimum 5% Eureka High roller - 2200€ up to 40%, 1% = 23,1€ (MU 1,05), minimum 5% NLH 1k single re-entry event - 1100€ up to 30% (each bullet) 1% = 12,1€ (1,1 MU), minimum 5% EPT Main event - 5300€ up to 60%, 1% = 53€ - will play if sell 50% or if I make it through satelite If I decide to not play any of these turneys will return money immediately. Payments possible via bank account or poker client. I play poker professionaly for about four years. Grinded it up from 180 mtts sngs to mid/high stakes which I play pretty succesfuly. Here is my profit since start of this year: If you want see all my stats, look at sharkscope. Nicks Vocaaas (PS.eu,888), 1Tortu31 (Winamax) and still my loosing site: Vocaaaas at Party poker (one "a" added). Thank you for your time. Gl all
  11. If you need to know anything else about my background you are free to ask. Recently I made huge progress and Im`having really good year. In May I made final table of 1050$ XL series main event and ended third after deal for 150k. Since than till today I made other extra cca 60k profit across all sites. Over 40k on PS and over 17k on 888 poker. Total winnings about 750k with pure profit about 280k life time online.
  12. Sorry guys, wrong date in the thread name. Will be playing Day 1a 11.11.2016. Hello, guys. Selling up to 25% action from 1650€ Main event with 1M € GTD. Price for 1% is 20€. It`s 1,21 MU. Minimum to buy is 5%. Payment is possible via bank account, PS or 888 account. Report and key hands from the tournament available on my personal blog or if needed possible comunication via PM, Facebook, Skype and so on. Thank you for your attention. Gl to all. V.

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