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  1. I thought I had this same problem originally, but if you click on the lobby at the very top of your screen you can drag the lobby down and the minimize button appears. Hope it works for you
  2. Tyson, I'm Villain 1 in this hand. I'm glad you posted it, because I was thinking about doing it myself. Probably one of the most thought provoking/absurd hands I've ever been involved in, live or online. After you 4b the flop, I honestly didn't know what to think, because it was so unexpected. Given that I didn't think you were ever opening 46dd from UTG1 (or 4b the flop with it the off chance you did), I perceived your range to be mainly air simply through process of elimination. As advised by most posters in this thread, I assumed you would flat in pos with K-hi flushes and below. Villain 2 (BB) had over 100k to start this hand iirc, and definitely gave off a splasher image. So when he c/r/r'd this flop, I actually gave him a much stronger range given his sizing and large number of diamond combos he could have in his pre flop range. I strongly considered cib 5b the flop at first, since I agree that it would be a sick spot to do it with the Ad blocker. But given my reads above, I didn't see much merit to it if I'm going to make the SB fold his worse flushes and have you snap fold and end the madness. Plus (in my mind), in the off chance you were 4b with K-hi flushes and worse, it might be enough to make you either fold the flop, or call and fold to most bets on turns. This is why I ended up just flatting the flop 4b. As strong as it looked, I thought there was much more value in this line to keep worse hands in, including the BB who would have a tough time clicking the fold button in a live setting getting those kinds of pot odds. Based on this logic, I decided to take this line with the plan of leading the turn small. Iirc my sizing was 14k on the turn, into a pot of over 70k. After just the BB called, I believe he had ~65-70k behind on river. In game, I certainly gave more emotional weight toward the possibility of him having 46dd (which he can most credibly rep between the three of us). So I will admit my river sizing of 18k was dual-purposed to price in the widest range possibly of worse flushes and give myself the ridiculous possibility of folding to a river shove. In hindsight, this was pretty absurd, given the severity of the cooler and the chance he would shove the river with 4dXd or 6dXd trying to get me to fold the 2nd nuts or worse. This is the kind of chaotic thinking that ensues in the Main Event I suppose. Anyways, the BB actually ended up showing me 42dd after he called. I didn't believe you had the K-hi flush when I overheard you tell somebody that. Hell of a fold man, and great to hear your thought process on the hand.
  3. wawawawawawawawawawaaaa
  4. also the love interest of main character Charlie Boyle in the 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie, "Genius." Great film
  5. best of the lucks to one of the sicker grinders out edit: 7delux on wawa's air card :p
  6. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee congrats bro so sick
  7. glgl...and im def down for 5 bucks a person for scoring

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