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  1. Can you remerber the exact time you felt the EUREKA! moment where you feel like you finally understand the game - ranges - bet sizing's - opponent , i think what im asking is the moment when you finally rated yourself as a player thats not afraid to mix it up with anyone ? Go ahead tell you're story , the stage is youres ?
  2. https://www.boomplayer.com/28901900_10DD4364BA
  3. my tourneys also .. inc FT of hot16 please update .. Congratz Higlife90 on the 100k dude
  4. players choice ... looks good to me , go get um :)
  5. no probs dude , we can chat here , goodluck !
  6. I'll take a chance ... money sent dude
  7. In these 5 dollar donkaments , no matter line you take prob wont ever change the outcome of the hand , this is just unfortunate .
  8. Its a bitter pill to swallow but when it goes down and digested .... the world is a better place to live in again
  9. Parts of this were funny ....other than that a complete waste of time

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