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    I live in Lexington, KY. I recently started playing poker in October 2010. I am studying and learning and grinding. Love the game.
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    live in a house and grind poker and Uber people around
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    marathon trainer
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    MTT Deepstacks


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  1. This week has been a very light week for me. I started a new job so I didn't get to do too much poker. I did in fact share my first hand in the lab. When I am having a light poker week, I don't negate the opportunity to at least at minimum, look over past hands. I shared my hand with the Lab facebook group and instantly got replies to the line and was very interesting to say the least for me. The hand is as follows. I learned a lot from the comments on the line I took in this particular hand. If I looked at this hand in my previous experience as a poker player, my line on the hand would have been RRRF and would 1/2 pot the whole time. The really cool thing about this hand is that the butcher wasn't so bad up until the river, I now know that I should have just flat the River for I didn't have anything better than my hand that is willing to fold out their hand in this situatlon. If I had a diamond, then maybe would warrent a reraise on the river, but I was repping the very top of my range and looking back, the story just didn't cut it for this player. The A on the turn wasn't a good card for me. BB could very well have an Ax type hand or middling diamond flush made. I really don't know for I folded. Is it a butcher? I do believe so it was but I think the knife of my butchered hand is become abit more duller. Since the lab, my range is a lot clearer than what I had before. My range by position is more balanced as it wasn't that way before. I am finding myself that I thought were difficult spots much easier to do which I think that is the value of the Lab. It allows for in game thought to be clear and concise and then it allows for more brain gap to think of higher level thinking. This next week, I am going to be doing some range building exercise by position. Sunday is RFI /Face RFI / Facing 3b just in the EP / UTG range. I will be committing to memory the ranges I have (Already on the RFI but need Face RFI and face 3b). I am thinking on just doing the entire week on EP/UTG for study. I am not good at committing things to memory but my approach is going to be the following. Powerpoint slide and print it out and flash card it. Go through my hand history and filter all my UTG hands and cross check it with the range in several situations. apply the hand and share with the facebook group in Upswing I will further evaluate my hands over the next two weeks. So as you will see with my numbers at the bottom, i just had to take a break. Had a lot of things going on with new job and running kids here and there, etc so not much grind this week but as promised, I still want to keep up this blog for everyone. Beginning Bankroll- $200 Remaining Bankroll - $205 5nl - 2500 hands / 10K -9.45 bb/100 (bb is finally starting to turn the other way, still not a winner yet but sample is still small) 5nl - 10k hands minimum show profit and get to $300 then move to 10nl 10nl - 10k hands min show profit and get up to $700 then move to 25nl 25nl - 10k hands min show profit and get up to 1500 then move to 50 nl 50nl - 10k hands min show profit and get up to 3000 then move to 100nl 100nl drop to 50nl if below 2500 50nl drop to 25nl if below 1250 25nl to 10nl if below 625 10nl to 5nl if below 250

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