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    I am a growing online player. 23 and don't consider myself an on-line player. I play at the local casino or Race Track for bigger stakes and better play. I'm working on turning 87 cents into $5,000. 3 months in and I'm at $960. give advice
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    32Red Poker
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    Claims Department
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    hard Rock Casino
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    Poker, Football, Playstation, my Dogs and family.
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  1. After a couple 4 figure scores back in May - July live and online. I went in a bad 3 month dry streak where I couldn't cash for anything and became sub par in cash games. I took week or so off poker and then on a wednesday I was off from work, I logged on FTP and saw I had 87 cents. This was November 8th. I was going to deposit but saw that had enough to play .01/.02 games. I ran it up to $2.93. Enough for a $2 SnG which I won for $9. played a $5 SnG and came in 3rd for $9. Won my weekly HORSE game on FTP for $45. came in 2nd in a 90 ply $6 tourney for $88. and now today on January 9th, I have $994. I want this to be $5K by the end of the year. I love the 90 player SnG's but MTT are where big things can happen. I don't play cash games online due to lack of displine. ( I lost $600 on 1 hand playing way above my head). Anyone for any advice or similar goal. let me know, I wanna challenge myself with someone possibly, especially in the Florida Area. Thanks for reading. WildxxxCard

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