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    I am a growing online player. 23 and don't consider myself an on-line player. I play at the local casino or Race Track for bigger stakes and better play. I'm working on turning 87 cents into $5,000. 3 months in and I'm at $960. give advice
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    32Red Poker
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    Claims Department
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    hard Rock Casino
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    Poker, Football, Playstation, my Dogs and family.
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  1. If you read my last blog, I discussed how I turned a really bad run and 87 cents left over into a personal challenge. I won a bunch of SnG's used alot of bankroll management and displine to try to not take "the big shot". A couple weeks ago, I reached a mile stone. I was down (yes down from $940) to $860 and my wife was wanting to go to dinner for a friday. Since I didn't want to play a MTT since I didn't ahve time or a SnG since I was running pretty bad, I played a .50/1 cash game. I haven't played a cash game in 4 or 5 months cause I'm big on reading players, and I think online cash games

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