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    Been on hiatus since 2009. Returning in earnest to the online scene with the advent of online NJ poker!
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    Business owner, Poker player and instructor.
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    Volleyball, science fiction, rollerblading, yoga, skiing.
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    NL HE
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    NL HE MTTs, $100-$200


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  1. It is clear if you read both the accusation 'thread' and the proof thread as I would call this one, that RHM backed Anthony through December 29 (why else would they be putting money in his accounts in December and why would he be sending them screenshots of his accounts.) Also, he was directed to withdraw money and did not do so as directed. Then, when he was winning the $10k, he tried to say he was playing with his own money which he clearly was not since he had not withdrawn his backers money! Thus it is clear that he owes the amounts that RHM claims in the other thread that he still owes. The fact that he finally sent $3k confirms the relationship and you have to be obtuse to think that he was only 'slow' to deposit RHM money as requested. He was actively dissing her and Wacko while denying he owed them anything and then he deposited $3k. It only makes sense to realize he was angry but finally did the right thing and started to return them their money. Anyone here who reads both long threads in their entirety should be able to garner this. Why anyone would back Anthony Pagan after the craziness he exhibited in the accusation thread needs to have their head examined! As of this point it looks like Anthony still owes at least $4k to RHM and has no backer other than his gf. Hopefully he will return the money he owes and get str8 with two of the more upstanding members of this community!

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